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On talk radio with war talk radio off our headlines good morning police says substances left two people critically ill and wiltshire was the navy novi chunk excuse me it's not yet known if it is from the same batch used to poison former russian spy pile and his daughter in the county just months ago england's chief medical officer dame sally davies insists the risks of the republic means remains low my advice any individual that may have been in any of the areas now cordoned off is highly precautionary wash your clothes and wipe down any personal items shoes and bags with cleansing or baby whites four in the usual way the government's emergency committee will meet later police are questioning a boy over the murder of six year old alicia macphail on the isle of butte have body was found in woodland on monday less than three hours after she was reported missing officers have confirmed the person arrested under the age of eighteen doctors visited the group of boys in their football coach who've been trapped in a flooded cave in thailand for nearly two weeks expensive we'll says searching the area above ground trying to find an alternative way out the sunday times asia correspondent paul shower has been telling talk radio they've been learning more about how the boys became trapped in the first place the reason this particular day one of them and they'd be taking rites of passage there are lots of mess associated with the caves you know young locals do visit when they leave their initial special materials related football practice and the main reason they go was someone's birthday and it was like a treat football junkie landrover santidad gently needs greater certainty on brexit if it's to carry on investing heavily in the uk the country's biggest comical employs forty thousand people in there's a new weapon in the battle against ticket towns from today anyone caught using automated software to buy tickets online will face unlimited fines the law's been changed trying to keep ticket.

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