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But first, let's go places with the Toyota out-of-town scoreboard in the second game of a doubleheader at Fenway park. The Red Sox who were beaten nine to two of the regime game one defeated Tampa Bay five to one in the nightcap. David price got the win in that one. A makeup of a game that was rained out back in late April the cubs beat the cardinals nine to four at Wrigley field. John Lester got the win over a Brady. That was a game in which the cardinals got four runs in the first against LeicesteR and never scored again the cubs a tied it by the fourth inning. And then a four run six inning to win it in that game. Schwammberger had a home run for the cob is open, a- hit number seventeen baiter number six for the cardinals Schwab Schwab is home run was his twelfth of the year the Mets over the Rockies five to three at city field. New York match over gray Diaz fourteenth save go. Oh, mez and Alonso hit home runs for the Mets. That's number twenty one for Pete Alonzo. The rookie was second in the league in home runs. The Texas Rangers beat Oakland ten to five in the first game of a doubleheader, and in the, the, the night portion of the day-night doubleheader Texas is leading to two one in the last of the sixth inning in Arlington Texas, the Padres trailing. The nationals three nothing max sherzer on the mound for Washington that game. The last of the fourth down at Petco park, and let's see what else the d backs beat the Blue Jays, six to nothing in Toronto. Zach rank he got his seventh win of the year beating Aaron Sanchez villa and Kevin krone hit home runs for the d backs and the Phillies beat the reds in Philadelphia four to one to win over Roark real Mutoko hit a home run for the Phillies number ten for him the Braves over the Marlins in Miami, one to nothing Tehran. Got the win over Richards and Lou Jackson. Got his ninth say the Tigers over the twins nine to three a rare loss for the twins Ramirez, got the win over Gibson Nelson Cruz hit his tenth home run for Minnesota Jacoby Jones at two homers. For the Tigers, the Cleveland Indians over the Yankees, eight to four in Cleveland Putco got the win over Sobat via the Vallejo, native Didi gregorius in his second game back from the Tommy, John surgery hit a home. On his first of the year for the Yanks Americano Peres and PLO aqui all hit home runs for Cleveland. That's the eleventh home run of the year for Peres this year Orioles over the Astros. Breaking a tie in the eighth inning with Iran, getting to more than, than the, the Orioles, who are now twenty and forty four four Houston, now forty four and twenty two one fry got the wind and relief over Harris Castro. The save arena toe Nunez hit his sixteenth home run for Baltimore. And the brewers over the pirates five to three at Miller park mill I just love to say that Miller park in Milwaukee Davies now seven and got the win over Phillies and hater got his fifteenth. Save. And that one, Mike moussaka is, is nineteen. He's fourth in the league in home runs. Nineteen home runs for stock is of the brewers. All right. The giants beaten by the dodgers seventy-two. Let's review the game. Now, the game summary is sponsored by the Silicon Valley. Herons Tutut when you're trying to get back into the game think the Silicon Valley hair institute the best in the bay for robotic hair transplants. The dodgers scored I in the third inning against Jeffs Amarjit. And we were just talking about that during the rap when Jack Peterson struck out on a wild pitch on a change in the dirt. But he reached base on it and a little bit later. Justin Turner hit a double putting runners at second and third. Ballenger given the automatic walked to load the bases for Cory Seager and he got a single to knock in the first round of the game. It was one to nothing. They still had the bases loaded with one out, but some Arja got out of the jam getting a two straight outs after that. And the dodgers had just the, the one run and frustration early out of the dodgers. It was the second time in three innings that they had left the bases loaded against some margin. So the giants were down one nothing lasted a third. They had not yet put a man on base against Richhill, the veteran, left-hander the first to face him in the last of the third was giants catcher, Aramis Garcia, the dodgers, lefty hill. Winds.

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