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Y'all welcome to the Marty Smith's America podcast. This is volume ninety eight. We're GONNA SHOUT OUT Lee Roy. Yarborough not a whole lot of ninety. Eight's out there to choose from not a huge not huge array of hall of fame level. Ninety eight so we're going to go with Leroy Yarborough JAT OUT NASCAR. We have an awesome show today. Very Special Guests Lane Kiffin head coach of the Ole Miss Rebels and this is lane lane very often. I asked some very different types of questions. This time that we're personal and the answers were very very revealing and I really enjoyed this twenty or twenty five minutes with Lane. You will too. Of course he has a unique challenge as he heads to Oxford and the SEC. West to try to rebuild a program He does have a really talented quarterback at his disposal in rising sophomore. John Rice plumbly bouquet and ruin and lane has a penchant for creating very prolific offenses with mobile quarterbacks. Just like plumbing. I really look forward to hearing y'all's feedback. I want you to make sure that you let us know what you think. There's GonNa be some answers in this thing that you hear that make you go. Both did that. We're grateful for lanes time before we get to talk conversation with Lane Kiffin. I want to remind you guys not sure I have to but I'm going to do it anyway. To tune in on Sunday evening at nine PM Eastern time it is the next installment of the last dance the amazing behind the scenes look at the Chicago Bulls Dynasty again. The series continues on Sunday at nine PM. The first two rounds were unbelievable. I could have watched all ten in a row if ESPN would decided to roll tape on all ten straight. Last Sunday night I would have gladly been up until dome and after you watch those next installments of the last dance. Make sure to tune into the wrap-up podcast hosted by Jalen and Jacoby.

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