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Only stay connected stay informed the home of the huskies komo news what's coming washington governor jay inslee wanted to talk about climate change but was he able to get his message out i'm jeff pohjola with a ramp up of the first democratic debate and is there a new problem aboard the seven thirty seven mac i'm corwin hake live what simulator testing has turned up first a._b._c. news at five thirty good morning the democratic field for president so big that it had to be split into two debates the first ten went last night in miami and a._b._c. political director reclined says you saw this ideological split and i think it was an important one when you had people like elizabeth warren and build a blasios say look the answer to president trump is to go far left essentially to to embrace the progressive roots of the party to be bolder the next set of ten including the front runner in the polls joe biden goes tonight president trump starting a meeting of the g twenty in japan with a working dinner with australia's prime minister asked about how his relationship with allies is he said pig i can say very easily that we've been very good to our allies we work with our allies we take care of our allies we generally speaking i've inherited massive trade deficits with our allies at least one person is dead several others are heard in a pair of bombing attacks in the capital of tunisia one of the bombs went off near the french embassy brian clark ABC news. komo news one thousand ninety seven seven it's five thirty one right now as we start this thursday morning june twenty-seventh cloudy and seattle but rain in the north some this morning seatac airport right now at fifty five degrees with gregg hersholt i'm manda factor here the top stories from the komo twenty four seven news center each of the candidates got into few shots that first democratic party presidential debate last night in washington governor jay inslee struggled to get his message out get more from komo's jeff pohjola this was the first of two debates each with ten presidential hopefuls on stage one of the questions from the n._b._c. news moderators was what is the biggest threat to the united states five of the ten said climate change washington governor jay inslee was not one of the biggest threat to security united states is donald trump much of the debate focused on immigration but inslee was able to talk about his signature issue the only candidate he's made this commitment to make it the top priority If you join recognition of how important this is. region have a unified national emission according to tallies from both the new york times and the washington post inslee spoke for only five minutes in total the least of any candidate jeff pohjola komo news a newly uncovered safety risk on the boeing seven thirty-seven max could further delay the troubled planes returned to service we get the update live from komo's corwin hake and boeing confirms f._a._a. simulator testing turned up the new issue what we piece together is that simulator pilots discovered data processing by an onboard flight computer could cause the plane to dive boeing calls this uncommanded motion and that's similar to the software flaw it located in those two deadly crashes now a boeing spokesman tells komo news the company agrees with the f._a._a. finding is addressing the issue as part of its broader software redesigned it's still unknown if or for how long this new issue will delay the max's return to service the plane has been grounded worldwide since march thirteenth reporting live corwin hake komo news still no verdict in the thirty year old double murder case the jury in snohomish county will continue deliberating today the fate of william talbot he's accused of killing a canadian couple of nineteen eighty-seven and we've told you it's the first of its kind case to go to trial detective used in genetic genealogy websites and d._n._a. found at the murder scene to find the accused killer coming up on the komo morning news gets a world record for clean energy i'm brian calvert with this week's distinction for our state five thirty four right now and a kobo aaa traffic.

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