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The key a jail guys getting healthy and and the addition the young receiver up at the right time and and it's all come together to trigger this great calls route yeah we've been talking about her for weeks and mine about it all coming together and you gotta think about how many goals have played an innate shoulders here i you know i try and look at any team i think the go out the most hoyer or indiana so you for a while but with that in that you look up and down the lineup throughout the greek you've got you know guys with short handed goal guys coming on the power play it's been in thing throughout the season and then the have the guys called up from the east th you know i think that the bigger surprises every time if you're get comes up now peek into variable the put them that's strength and i probably or adam subban geico scored in the first game falling more than that yeah i think maybe when you know if if this team stays on its current project arena would be jay we may look back at that kind of early middle period where the gulls did that you know treadwell credit water and then gained a little bit while they were with a roster that really had mostly easy a challenge joe contract guys as opposed to having the pipeline prospect guys on the roster those guys are either called up for hurt and then you know certain guys got healthy at the right time you know combined again with with things really getting solidified in that and all of a sudden you've got this lined up where you're like wow it it's kind of hard to break in now you know if it's nice to be up this points we've talked about it so much but you know you know i bet you're going to hear different than practiced or you know guys are doing their best make the wind up being in the lineup you know any time you have a winning streak like there's so if the the hockey believe me you just want gone the rake which i would be and he's home radio color partner former san diego gulls captain of course back in the heyday and that will be on the air with me as well on fox five san diego coming up this sunday at five o'clock with the gulf take.

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