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Gordon the rachel's settembrino who is deaf and teachers am sale at the university of south florida she sat up their way to ours that she will sing in jingle bells rewriting the video settembrino described the arrest of the suspect as delivered by harboring interpreter derwyn roberts darlene roberts that is one in by the way darlene never heard that name for uh fifty one hours ago sway so see roe v seaside fifty one hours ago zero twelve twenty two owen indecipherable murder three it if fourteen weeks ago in owed indecipherable murder four or five 55000 plea tin arrests murder bush indecipherable three arabs twenty over flooddeaths deaths was new assigning all ma god there's larry's alledges appointed confuse upset really wanna know water city tabled cheaper believes basel from our safety and a say the entire community not check her out quantity pds worlds will in our fairness how he no ride because we don't know language right of quality bds wildfires engineer mcgregor noah torpedo is of course if would've edit investigation is being pursued to see who sent the woman f failed to vet her as they over bridges the law you can watch videos on youtube i believe i guess the race uh near made out of this immediately on the up oil why cares going white what about you jail uh i feel like is this the last question it is the last question it is double the points dealt with a racism uh her name is on sterling robert was not but moute would win sounds like something that if somebody were making fun of black names i qian peel that me like d'or lyn stevens camp off.

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