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Is Laura Gassner adding? She's a keynote speaker, author and founder and chief catalyzing officer at limitless possibility, also the author of a book that you may recall we profiled when it came out limitless how to ignore everybody. Carve your own path and live your best life, but there's just a lot that's going on lately that we probably ought revisit this subject, so Laura thanks for joining me. Thanks for having me back. When author's books, particularly what I would call a self development. Book. I mean in that category. The author themselves. Develops and grows and changes and has a new view. Your book is titled Limitless I wonder if your view of what limitless is or means has evolved since you've written the book. Well my own definition of the book actually has evolved since I. wrote it. When I I wrote. The book actually thought I, wrote a business book. This is a book about. How do you figure out what means what meaningful work is and then create a career to do it? And then I started getting media attention. I got I got. Invited to the today show Good Morning America and all these places, and they were asking me questions me that their audience was like. Well, what are you talking about? Why would I the book doesn't make any sense for this? It's a business book for entrepreneurs. It's for business people and they're like yeah, but and what I realized is that I didn't business book I actually wrote a personal development self-help book, and then I had this leg. Oh God, I wrote a self help book Oh terrible until I realized that. That self is actually all business. Books are actually self help books because it turns out that you need to give people some help when you've learned something, but they have to bring the self, and when they bring the self, it's a whole lot of work because they have to be willing to change grow, and so any great leader has gone through a ton of personal development so. Just the idea that that business books are personal development books just in and of itself was was a huge learning me, but I've also learned to find my own voice because when I first started speaking from the book. I was absolutely speaking like here's. How a Ted Speaker speaks read. I was like doing the whole. This is what making looks like. And when I realized, nobody wants to hat. What they really want is your true authentic self..

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