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Said he's been asked by a lot of different people okay i guess we weren't original then i apologize i mean it could be just media would go through ice and both of us okay i just i thought like wow harassing in original question but apparently we weren't we were very uncreative so i apologize to everybody listening any house when you go ahead i'm sorry yeah judge payne roofing he'll the age he why isn't first base option for those do not um he i would say it's not um i just view those guys as outfielders and i think that's where they're skillset um sets up i don't i don't think we want to mess too much with two elite level players obviously in and start moving them around too much you know i i struggle with the fact that already enough of you know taking any year both of them out of their comfort zone if we flirt with leftfielder at any other spot out there as it is but for me it's y i mean it's it's an easy call for us to say that's not on the table i don't know why would the lisi though ladies kashmira probably city ladies gaspart said look outplayed farzaneh the nets it so there you go and we're bucci this is fit like listen china's told me nothing about this so why would i do right that's that's one of those bob marino said and what they have to say the good call i think we were all thinking that to listening to boone i don't buy that though because like take chris bryan who's one of the better players in baseball now chris brian has played third bhesi slightly out feel these played a little bit of first phase mad is still you know i guess he's a guy joe magic as one of the few managers it actually gets to manage the tv way wants it though there has been a lot of those guys know and feel i'm sure those feel blesses this though feel is okay well this yes but chris pride has been affected by it thanks for as little nobody saying aaron judge adjourned carl's saying because your everyday first baseman all in saying is that remember how last year the mets eventually said hey jay we want you to.

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