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Let's go to the magic who have two of the top 8 picks in the draft Franz Wagner and Jalen suggs. We will start with Franz Wagner who would be first team all rookie if the season ended today. 14 points a game on 47% shooting 39% from threes, top 5 or 6, in every advanced stat. And you mentioned a basketball player, like he's not gonna be the primary ball handler for this team, but he can be on a possession here there. He's a really good secondary ball handler, catching up, catching it off screens in the corner. He has a really nice neck for kind of just driving toward the rim and hitting hook shot. Like getting into a guy's body and hitting hook shots and floaters over them, moves his feet really well on defense. I'm very interested to see the tumor okiki Franz Wagner three, four combination for the magic. I don't know how Jonathan Isaac fits into that and they're 9000 centers. By the way, it's a miracle that banton did not end up on the magic given their proclivity for long guys who can't shoot. I don't know how he slipped through the magic dress. He's a smart cutter. The guy's just he's a good basketball player right now. He has been easily their best rookie. We'll talk about suggs in a second. I don't know how much I mean, I don't know if he'll ever be like a 20 point score in the NBA or it's too early to really put ceilings on any of these guys, but he's good now and nothing about it seems fluky to me if the jumper is real. Nothing about this seems unsustainable. No, I think it's also sustainable. And a lot of it isn't product of his experience at such a young age. It's funny, Franz was so we had him pretty high all year. I think in the top ten, most of the year. And he was the one guy who people would say, you know, I'm not so much teams, but outside voices where I don't really see it. Why do you guys like Franz so much? Why is Franz so high on your board? What does he do really well? And what he did really well is he was one of the best players on one of the best teams in the country at 19 years old, you know? And so he can come in right away and he knows how to play. He knows how to defend. He knows how to play off the ball. He's very efficient. He can score 20 points using like 9 dribbles, you know? And every coach wants that, right? And then his size, I mean, the funny thing with him is when I first saw him, he was 6 four, and he was like, 14 gangly, you knew he had an older brother and then every year you just waited for him to grow and grow and grow and grow. Because he had these high hips and he was kind of awkward, I had a little hitch in his giddy up. And now, I mean, he's like pushing 6 ten, you know? So I think now he's just starting to grow into his body and become this guy who's super versatile and can play anywhere on the floor. But I think it's his experience, man. He was playing Euro cup minutes, German BBL minutes when he was 16, 17 years old, with Alba Berlin. You know, when I first saw him at that tournament, when he was 14, that was an under 18 tournament. So he's been coached by really good coaches. Obviously playing for juwan Howard and then can come in right away, defend make shots and make the right play. So yeah, I think I don't know the ceiling, you know what I mean? Is he ever going to be your number two or three scoring option? Maybe not. But he defends. He moves the ball. He can shoot, and he's got a little bit of fire to him. Not a little bit. Not a little bit. He is a sneering wants to eat when he dunked on Minnesota in that game. I almost fell out of my chair. He likes to go at guys. Yes, like his brother. I mean, but he has no offense to mo, but a little bit more game to back it up, right? And so he's got that type of mentality. I think he's a killer and let's be honest, like he's been the better of the two picks by far up until this point. Oh, it's not close. We're gonna talk about sug in a second because I'm very curious about what exactly he is. But I will say, I feel bad for mo Wagner and I feel bad in the same way, but less so for Lonzo Ball because we in the media can't help but compare siblings. Like even when I'm talking to front office, guys and coaches about lamella would be like, man, he's so much better than Lonzo. They'll say that. And I'm like, who cares if he's better than that? Why do we have to compare to Alonzo? Why can't we compare him to like other people other than Lonzo poor mole Wagner for the third third string center on the magic Robin Lopez just, I guess is just going to Disney World. I don't really know what Robin Lopez is doing other than working out those guys in practice, filming skits with stuff the magic dragon about how they have buried their beef in are now Friends. I can't, by the way, he's gonna turn on stuff to match. It's happening. Like that's scripted into their relationship. He's gonna turn on him violently. That's how I don't know what else he's doing. But yeah, I love frans is just gonna be a good player. Like you said, you might not average, you might not, is he gonna be the number two guy on a great team? I don't think the killer would be the number one guy. Number two, that's probably optimistic, I guess, but he's gonna help good teams, his entire career. That's just the kind of player he is. And that's what they needed. They needed somebody to come in and help create more winning plays and winning culture and winning habits and all that. And that's exactly what he does and has always done. And he's still young. I mean, he's the age of a lot of he's the age of some like freshman, you know? So I think he has an incredibly bright future. So this is where I need you, Mike. I need your expertise a Okay. Because I need you to tell me what Jalen suggs is because he leads the magic and usage.

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