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To China. I just and China's their only ally. They rely on China for what little they have. I don't know. It's very listen, folks. I'm just hoping for the best, and how could you not hope for the best? Now, these are really interesting times. You've got all these socialist popping out of the box of the democrat side of the aisle. You know, the okay Zia Cortes is in the rest of them. And then you've got. A weird thing happened last night. I I haven't talked about it at all this morning. I. I don't know what to do. It's really not great for morning radio. But it has to do with these Senate Democrats last night. They voted literally voted for infanticide. All but three Democrats voted for infanticide. If you can believe this all, but three Democrats voted Senate, all but three Senate Democrats voted for infanticide bizarre. See if you've got that going on. Then you got these people that are so Trump wasted that they're actually calling for conservatives to go into concentration camps. You're saying what come on make believe? No, there's a reporter that went out from info wars. And she she does a lot of she. She totally. She totally dupes everybody because she plays it. So she looks like she's one of them. And you know, she's wearing the rainbow stuff and demand equality now. Yeah. And but sharp is a whip. And she gets everybody engaged in conversation. And they think that she's on the same team as they are. And in this particular case, she's saying and you'll hear it in just a moment. It's it's lengthy. It's like thirteen minutes, but we're going to boil it down to just a couple of minutes. She's basically saying, hey, listen, you know, what? I mean, these conservatives we gotta do s- about them. What about what about concentration camps? We can just round them all up and put them in camps this at UCLA UC L A. Okay. Take.

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