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National recognition and but but then it wasn't really until the nineties when chicago was flooded with young improvisers who had grown up on second on on on saturday night live i should say that that it became a popular beyond anyone's imagining and that sort of the world that we're living in now the world that was created by adam mckay coal bear carell tina fey amy poehler and and that particular generation the generation that grew up watching saturday night live knowing thinking to themselves hey i want to do that i want to improvise no one before heading for thought i want to improvise because it didn't exist you must be reading my script over my shoulder because tina fey was exactly where we were going with our next audio clip from live improv from the archives of second city from 1997 this is an example of audience participation this is tina fey and jenny jal of it are playing characters on a fictitious public radio show on wbz chicago they called it urban wind if that is in a public radio name i dunno in his tina fey is playing the host jenny joel of its his the guest and they asked the audience to suggest a theme for this very stereotypical public radio show to do for their skit the audience suggested the word banana here's what happened and this is wbz chicago national public radio i'm when may have again today on urban wind will be exploring the banana its place and religion and history and art it's a resonance in our lives the banana with me in the studio is dr sasha miller dr miller is a professor of sociology at loyola university and she's written a book welcome dr miller thank you it's a pleasure to be here lynn i've been studying the effective the banana on 20th century civilization and i've written my book the but danette delicate teacher of peace towards mankind.

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