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Sixty to seventy miles per hour along the coast hi sixty eight tomorrow tomorrow night clearing with the cold and gusty wind at a low of forty six Tuesday's sunshine mixes with clouds a cool breeze high near sixty Wednesday a bit of rain in the morning otherwise a cloudy and chilly day with a high near fifty more people get their news from ten ten wins than from any other radio station in the nation Oliver Sampson is our service eight Sarah Miller is the editor and I Monique Kobyla this you give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world fifty eight degrees at ten o'clock I'm Donavan and here's what's happening the coronavirus death toll is topped seven hundred in New York for a sixth straight day the governor Cuomo says the state is starting to plan for the day we can start to relax social distancing the governor and mayor de Blasio still butting heads over when or if the city's public schools can reopen this school year was the pandemic of factor in granting parole to a cop killer a police union doubt demand against doctors debating whether or not the nation might be in for a baby boom nine months from now because of social distancing and whether it would be a good thing with accu weather clouding up tonight and getting windy with rain arriving after midnight low fifty four then some gusty stormy weather on the way for tomorrow no more now on that stormy weather which we are being warned it could be serious enough to bring down trees and power lines details now from accu weather meteorologist Dave powers very a violent day of weather tomorrow courtesy of a powerful cold front we're gonna see Perry it's a range there could be some hard downpours rather watch for ponding on the roadways this would be for him the morning rush hour raid on into the early evening powerful winds to gusting fifty five miles an hour the city sixty to seventy miles an hour along the coast a high wind warning in effect an ensemble that too could be strong to severe thunderstorms I'm meteorologist Dave Bowers on new York's weather station ten ten wins and we will check back in with accu weather for the full four day forecast less than ten minutes from now despite signs of hope that new York's corona virus outbreak has reached a plateau the state is still wrapping up its worst week yet in covert nineteen deaths the daily death rate topped seven hundred today for the sixth straight day but governor Cuomo says hospitalization transfer the epidemic is picking it up at the state can start planning to reopen so to speak as for when social distancing guidelines might be eased to.

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