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The slob Jeremy Larkin the running back to the left of the quarterback. Thorson is green starts in motion. I snap of the ball game to Thorson looks to throw fires right sideline. Passes. Caught the thirty years Cambrian screw Sabbath reception of the year collared Reddaway right up at the thirty yard line. I Ron Brown Brown. Thera- leader pass breakups a year ago with eleven twenty in his career gained a five second out at five for the Wildcats who scored on their opening drive a week ago at Thorson looking Nagel the catch. Forty forty five at lunch is out. Close to midfield. Not a first down for the Wildcats. Data eighteen yards to the forty eight yard line by the Wildcats are ready to go again wral the tackle trips left for the Wildcats receiver to the right side. That's bowman. I intend for the cats approaching midfielder Thorsten will throw once again sidesteps pressured has passed intended for greed, broken up, the middle linebacker, just across midfield. Second intent coming up first incompletion, Berkeley Thorson. Second down and ten for the Wildcats. Brought the forty eight yard line at eight you territory. Akron will rush four. Cats with two receivers to the right one to the left. Time larkin. I'll take it right side looking for Roddick group as he cuts it up. Lost the yard on the way back to the forty seven yard line. Josh warded ako. It had linebacking core. Bring him down Jamal Davis. Number nine, you're going to see him defensive, and he's also very twitchy. He can get up the fields got great quickness. And you could see him penetrate. The offensive line of the cats very early in that play Wildcats. Forty two percent on third down opponents just to fourteen mortgage state last week against Akron third and eleven year for the forty seven yard line. The snap to Thorson needs time. Fires complete across. Bowling green, rather? Short of the first it's going to break down as Jordan, George. The Wildcats will sat all the way. You betcha. Three down linemen day, that means they had eight pack. They're all playing stone coverage. There was no way. The cats were gonna break that zone coverage that ball was thrown out of the flat and two defenders were on him. Immediately. Eight out in coverage. Andre Williams starting wide receiver back at single safety for Akron at the tenant J Collins was a busy guy last week onto pot for the Wildcats kicked from his own forty towards the far side Williams the fair catch executed at the eleven thirty three to go in the first quarter accurate touches the ball for the first time. So the Wildcats moved from their own twenty-five it accurate territory. Forty eight yard line. That's where they gave up the football and Acura now be quarterback Kato Nelson Lagoda work here from their own eleven. I really liked the description that coach fits gave about their quarterback. He is very streak. I talking with some of the other people with Akron. They were explained the same thing when he gets hot. He can be dangerous. Wide. Right. Joe Morris receivers out to the right now said in the got on first down looking right. And it is Morris making the cat show. Fourteen. A gain of only three of the play Morris played ten games last year for Indiana. Transferred to accurate. Six. Four second out at six. Record fourteen yard line snap. The Nelson hands it off to Edwards at Edwards rundown for me or code area. Smith make that all the reverse what area volcano carry the ball wide receiver. Not edwards. Eighteen yard line accurate a week ago. Forty six percent six of thirteen. Third three year wildcat defense. As held opponents to forty percent off third out. That's. Where they would like to be in the snap. Nelson author down flags down our first penalty the game. Accurate. Coming in. Here is the third most heavily the MAC offense number fifty nine five yard penalty. Third-down left tackle Trevor ground called for the fall starts instead of thirty three. It's thirty eight and eight. Served his own zone here. But now they have to be. Ultra conservative at third and eight cats rush three that time they had a spy on their quarterback because he is so KGAN quick trained Williams. Quarterbacks. Spot rights Jackson in the secondary for the Wildcats. Third down at date. From the thirteen yard line. The snap to Nelson and the got back to his own for fires down the middle. And it is broken up. Incomplete. Compat- intended ward. Hayden Stewart middle of the field twenty four yard line. Greg Newsome the second the freshman there defensively for the Wildcats, so Akron goes three it out. Wildcats should get good field position. As Nick Gasser is onto pot. Riley Lee standing near midfield awaiting. This cat should have good field position here. As Gasser will kick from yard deep in the end zone. Here's the snap steps for boots had right down the middle and lease backpedals makes the catch the forty reversing field. Alludes? What breaks the tackle thirty five forty lease on it speak to the forty five hustling forty six yard line. We have a penalty marker. Down. Is that right? Is there? Right. Yes. There is an S came very late in the return. I tackle. I think I think it might be face mass here. That's that's certainly based on when it was thrown. You would think so. Again, Michael cannon is our referee tonight. L Manzke, Bruce keeling, John Roberts Smith Radi. Smith Joe was over late hit kicking came number thirty one fifteen yard penalty added onto the end of the run down north western. Twenty five for northwestern has to go for one play his helmet came off timeout. All right. We get a break with eleven twenty one scoreless. First quarter in Evanston, the cats takeover.

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