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Good evening when. I started to write my remarks today. I realized that. I didn't really want to dress you. I wanted to address canal whose october twenty eighth two thousand eighteen. A little more than three weeks after jamal. Khashoggi's murderer sara lee whitson than the middle east director for human rights. Watch spoke at a memorial service in london for her friend du jamal. I wanted to give you a progress report on our efforts to capture and punish the cowardly ignorant but still powerful murderers. Who plotted to kill you. By then the conspiracy to cover up the murder of the most famous journalists in the middle east was already unraveling. the daily lives of crown. Prince mohammad bin salman lies. He's had to peddle in response to our global outrage have crumbled under the weight of their own stupidity woodson demanded that mbbs in the saudi kingdom would be held accountable for the most brazen of human rights abuses. She also captured. How much of the world had come to view jamal kashogi. I know these past two years. Were not easy. You took the risk to stand by your principles and your freedom and your voice by fleeing your homeland to write freely. I know this was such a painful choice for you and your family but you would not bow down. You never did actually as your numerous firings and bands and suspensions from various newspaper posts in saudi would attest and generations of saudi. Children will remember you and esteem you as a saudi man who did not bow down. The saudi man raised his voice. The saudi man who took a detour for love the saudi man who pays for his freedom with his life. As you've heard over the course of this podcast jamal. Kashogi was a complicated and in some ways confounding figure in his youth the associated with the muslim brotherhood and champion the exploits in afghanistan of a man who was then as good friend. Though somma bin laden later he served as the media advisor to the former chief of saudi intelligence arousing suspicions among dissidents for years that he was anything but an independent journalist. There's no question. though that. By the end of his life he had stood up and spoken out against an all powerful crown. Prince whose efforts to modernize kingdom were overshadowed by his dark authoritarian impulses and yet woodson says now nearly three years later justice in this case remains as elusive as ever i would say it's a real disappointment and a real lost opportunity. What's the now heads. A group called dawn. Democracy for the arab world now was founded by kashogi himself in the year before his murder she argues that the failure of to us administrations to impose any meaningful costs for what happened sent a message not just ambi s but to murder his dictators around the world. It's a lost opportunity for serious accountability. That would have made not only journalists safer but many many people around the world safer from people like mohammed bin salman who now.

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