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Everybody anthony with the black insider bangles podcasts. Coming at you live on. Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday morning for some. We thought we'd give you a little bit of the extra paid vacation day off after the fourth and let you soak things up on july fifth. Hopefully you all had a great weekend a safe weekend. There's kennison stories going on about things going on all over the place that unfortunately not everybody was acting the safest but i hope that all of you had a fun and safe. Holiday and Had some fun relaxed and hopefully got together with some people in a in a safe manner Because we didn't really get that opportunity last year to do much of that. So hopefully you rebounded there and You had some fun in your safe. Any rate i am here for the water cooler chat in if you are new to the water cooler chat. That is where we go over a number of headlines not only from cincy jungle but bengals headlines from our counterparts in a lot of different other blogs t- official team websites. All of that we go through a lot and season tweets all that. Good stuff talk about the bengals. We talk a little. Afc north and then. Of course we talk about some things going on in the rest of the league. Anthony kazan's at once again. Orange black insider part of these cincy. Jungle podcast channel. If you have not done so yet subscribed through your favorite audio streamer. Whether that's itunes stitcher. Spotify google podcast iheartradio. Whatever the case may be and get the show how you are able and subscribe their. Leave us a review. If you can't do this helps with visibility a little bit and we will We would appreciate a review there and then of course if you like the video in good or youtube channel subscribed there make sure you also follow since he juggles twitter account. Orange black insiders twitter account because we stream live there as well. Well let's get to it in. We'll start with. Cincinnati bengals talk with the wide receivers shall we. The wide receivers are always a fun group to to talk about in. Let's just go real quick. This is from instagram. And this is from. The bengals official instagram account. Talking about t. Higgins the t higgins hype. Train is all aboard. So you'd better you'd better get your ticket now because i think a big year is in store for this newest version of number eighty five a quote here that they shared the other day The bengals twitter. Excuse me instagram accounts at bigger. Faster stronger t higgins is on a mission with a rocket emoji and then of course you've got a quote from t himself. My biggest thing was to get stronger. I was just really in the weight room. It feels really good. And i feel even faster in that has been corroborated by a number of different reports. Not only by. We had lyndsey patterson on who covers the team to the cincinnati inquirer in the bengals. Beat podcast Not only by her by many other in the media and of course Joe borough himself has said he. Feels that t- higgins looks faster stronger. Cj ozama has said the same thing so here. We are now a few short weeks away from training. Camp and t higgins looks to be one of the focal points going forward. I'm seeing some hallows from some people through our various channels. Hello frank james antoine. joseph could see all of you folks. Let's move on to another eighty five and this is chad. Ocho cinco chad johnson. He believes that the bengals receiving trio could be the best in the nfl. This is from nathan begley on cincy jungle. This was put up yesterday morning on the website. In case you did not see it this he spoke to the inquires tyler dragon and you can. There's a link there on since he jungle where you could go in. Read the entire thing there but quote they might be top three as a whole they just have to go out there. Put it together improve that they are. They are very saucy. Says chad johnson to tyler dragon so he believes a guy who is a pretty dang good wide receiver for cincinnati. Bengals believed leaves this group that the bengals will be sporting this year. On the field. To march as t higgins and tyler boyd. That trio could be the best in the league of course. All of that is dependent upon health. All of that is dependent upon the health of their quarterback the offensive line play and of course the leaps that we immaturity that we hope to see not only from year to out of t higgins like we talked about a number of times but also how quickly can jomar chase get acclimated to. Nfl speed after not playing last year. And you know. Obviously he's got. The report built up with. Joe borough already so you like that. But we'll see out goes but obviously the sky is the limit in terms of talent in potential productivity from that group. Just one more little tidbit on chad here chad. Doing some chad things in case you have not seen this. This is courtesy of espn. This is all over twitter as well. Chad johnson left a one thousand dollar tip. Not at a mastro's a jeff. Ruby's not in a place like that. But at i hop and the ticket says said there was something in there That says basically you know. I beat damian lillard one on one a while ago and you know. He's he's done this a bunch of different times. Ib damian lillard in one on one years ago at the ymca was the message. He left the waiter or waitress at the ihop with one thousand dollar tip so just doing some cool things and spreading spreading love as chad often does he takes care of those in the service industry quite frequently. He seems to make that a priority. So you gotta you gotta like that. This one i found to be kind of a i guess a little bit of a chuckle out of part of it but this is something that also brings a little bit of a sigh of relief. And i guess there's a little bit of play on words. They're a little bit. This is on since he jungle dot competent. Nfl dot com analyst says riley reef is a quote big upgrade. The part i got a chuckle out of was the sub header. That says he also said reef was like having a tv in the bathroom for whatever. That's worth from our buddy nick manchester. Go check out this article on since he jungled dot com. But of course it's from adam rank who is a little bit of the jokester among the nfl dot com analysts. But he says quote in. This is when when talking about a team. Mvp for the bengals bengals. It wasn't jober wasn't tamar chase. Joe mixon not t- higgins..

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