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Like this was my fault. We never imagined that the movement with grow this. We are in eighty countries. Now in that moment, our only intention was to help our friend see that failure is something we must talk about it is not a cost of humiliation of it used to be in the past, or echoes of celebration, as some people say, in fact, I want to confess something, every time I listen to Silicon Valley types, or a students, bragging about failing fast and often like it's Novick veal I grant because I think that there is a dark side on the mantra fail fast. Of course. Failing fast is a great way to excel at learning and avoid wasting time. But I fear that when we present rapid failure to interpreters as their one and only option we might be promoting life. If we might be promoting that entrepreneurs give up tweet Sealy. I also fear that the culture of. Of rapid failure could be minimizing that were stating consequences of the failure of obeys nece when my social enterprise died, the worst part was that I have to go back to the indigenous community until they women that the business have failed, and it was my fault for some people. This could be seen like a great learning opportunity for me, but the truth is that the closure of this business represented, much more than that. It meant that the women would stop receiving an income that they really needed for this reason. I want to propose something I want to propose that we must put aside the idea that failing fast is always the best, and I want to propose a new mantra fail. Mindfully. So what, what does it look like to fail? Mindfully for me. Failing might fully means being.

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