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I don't like pork and lisa's. Lisa's disappointed she's so disciplined heritage. And she's just like. I don't even know you. I like from but the idea. Like i enter it with liking shred part of the heritage. Anyway this way back. I love bel canto pork. I love the pork ahead in germany as a kid like people are like like in this movement is like baker and bacon everything baking begging begging housing. And take it or leave. It aren't really love bacon. But i love your bacon. I don't know if i can say that. In a non creepy love all the women here like writing the time down for hr time you know. I just really have to say that it is interesting that you know. I had this aversion to meet the just didn't love. And then when i fell in love with campo i something like oh pork. is back on the menu and it really is a relationship to those animals. I also think this can be kinda wu pork of the most similar to humans in terms of dna in definitely kind like they're the most intelligent. They're smarter than dogs. They totally sense fear. When they're in. The i mean. There's actual like an energetic load in confinement pork that i think people can be sensitive to serving comment. You know i also think pork is incredibly incredibly textually impacted through growth. So everything's impacted by speed of growth musculature. More slowly tends to be finer compact more tender but in pork noticed the greatest difference Between the slow growing pork that's free range and the confinement for just that it's not rotates it's called and sweet and tender so if any were or could be science but like somewhere in the others throats are cephas magic. I think it's magic but you really brings back to the idea that you know. I'm not choosing to eat about campo necessarily because it's better for the environment. Or more sustainable. It's better it tastes so good. And i think that's we always lose track of that a little bit like gillette nine are like hey you know you should engage in these behaviors because your body will feel better not because you may have knee rabies. Someday you know. I think the media sometimes that gets lost in this conversation as this. How tasty your food is so. Thank you awesome. Well come back soon and ask them to. And emma one request when i come to camp. Can we make like herbs lardo together. That's my personal request. Break giant tub of lardo. Back to my house we can. I can get you some back fat and we can. We can teach you how to make lardo homes that she it's easy shortcut To make it home to. I'm i'm i'm stocking instagram right now. For lardo so where can people follow you and all of the amazing cooking and other things you're doing so bell campo macos are handle and i am at on your for final mecam's you can come visit the farm. You can also just go on. Hit camp to say there. But most importantly go to bell campo dot com and get some meat. We just launched subscriptions And so will be really able to. I think for many of your customers are eating for wellness and health and have kind of like consistency monthly. It's a great way to get some value because we do offer a discount and you can get up to you whatever cadence you'd like weekly by inflates so websites now.

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