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Isn't that interesting in a review entitled life was saved pathways to modern disease. Five amino acid analog of lycene diverse proteins conducted by anthony samuel phd an independent scientists. And st stephanie. Stiffy fien excuse me up. I read that wrong. Sin if phd a scientist at massachusetts institute of technology. As yet another litany of reasons. Why glyphosate is dangerous to human health. But they're still using it today right. Oh that's what happened. that's weird. I thought i had that highlighted any case. This is the study itself which i highly recommend you read in its entirety. But let's look at this. The a couple of these parts. Life say a synthetic amino acid analog of lysine is the most widely used bios a bios sidin of the planet. Which is it's weird. I've looked at earlier. I forgot to look it up. But i'm imagining it. Means they baio sort of pesticide. Kind of scenario. In any case. I didn't it just looked it up and didn't have any definition its presence in food for human consumption and animal feed is ubiquitous like realize how alarming that is. These are two. phd's that are making. It's very clear the presence of glyphosate in your food that you eat an animal food that they eat is ubiquitous meaning. It is literally everywhere. How did we allowed this to happen. Epidemiological studies have revealed a strong correlation between the increasing Incidents in Oh wait a minute bio side on the planet. That's what it was so it's it's just missing a space for some reason. I think the way i'd bunched up. The screen does not strange so bio side which makes sense okay so going back to it. Epidemiologic studies have revealed a strong correlation between the increasing incidents in the united states of a large number of chronic diseases and the increased use of of glyphosate herbicide on corn soy and wheat crops. Glyphosate acting as a glycemic analog maybe mistakenly incorporated into peptides during protein synthesis. This is crazy stuff. And i talked about this years ago. They're telling you right there. There's a strong correlation between increasing chronic illness. Disease right now that it's being called other things. As we spray columbia life was a substitution. For conserved glycemic can easily easily explain a link with diabetes obesity asthma chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Pulmonary.

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