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Show is an absolute monster raising things up and then bringing the temple bank jain but i just kind feel like this one foles allow vet flat for me I think as well he chose to perform at sometimes Four of locked in sessions when he was promoting album and stuff. I just think there's maybe after songs off the album that he could have performed but granted. Of course he had he had new band probably served in a variety of that so he was seeing something worker sticks so i will forgive him that but i think it's more today with just the policeman of the sewn on the way to particularly like my friend. Sam talked about that He doesn't He kills like the he repeats. The house of a thousand guitars just a little too much. You know So okay very interesting. choice I will keep in mind though. That outlaw pete got a vote again His he does not as i shared. Not one of my favorite songs either but The very good choice very good choice. All right you'll have to keep a tally gambling. You're getting literally gas you know. That's a that's a good idea. I make notes You know as. I'm talking to every gas so i have all those notes could come back and do an episode. Maybe because you know in september is the sixth anniversary of the show. Make a note. Maybe that would be an interesting episode to say. Hey this is the songs that have been picked multiple times so okay good. Thank you for that. Ideally all right Song you think is overrated. Okay i fear may be crucified here by someone. Hey i picked. I picked jungle land. I figure i took for the team right. I you know. I figured that one is not moody. Reassures me good good. I'm madly okay. I'm gonna go for glory days off it is a great sing along some guess It isn't Agreed along song..

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