Mr Trump, Biden, FBI discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


And and the materials that you can provide to the committee or to the fbi Would they corroborate this nation. Sure of course When they were in ukraine with their collision by the phone where they're discounts to those Compromising materials where. I read it to provide it to fbi so you you have recordings of both so check and boosts of Where they're discussing the comedy material on mr trump absolutely coordinating with our with somebody that he thinks as a russian what four to get compromising materials on trump naked trump. Gosh what a dope now swallow suggesting. Trump is behind the access report. These people are frigging deranged man. Oh gosh anyway. Swallow well warned of an influx of russians and us politics on the trump. What about his compromising materials. When or if there's any compromising materials on trump and you know this this honeypot apparently scandal. That went on. These mayors apparently slept with this person. unbelievable but that's the nature your democratic party. You know there was an interesting story. Looks like china's already. You know they want to try and pick up where they left off with the biden corruption family and remember all the money they pay to hunter the email outlining how it's going to be distributed twenty million hundred ten million for the big guy. Remember that holding. It will hold it for the big guy. Well it's like the time the biden you know going to return the favor. There is a daily wire piece out top. Us official told the think tank last week that us intelligence is seen a sharp uptick in the chinese communist party to influence. Joe joe biden's team and those around him and national counterintelligence security center director. William abi nina told the aspen institute that the think tank that china has launched an influence campaign on steroids targeting biden. What we predicted. China would literally re emphasize their influence in the campaigns to the new administration. We're starting to see that now player across the country to not only the folks that are in the administration those around the folks that the administration. That's one area. We're going to be very keen on making sure the new administration understands that influence. What it looks like what it tastes like what it feels like robert. O'brien the national security adviser at warned Back in august that china is trying to elect biden and that china had the most sophisticated global influence programs and strategies abilities and capabilities in the world. Well by the way china apparently is amassing large quantities of private american healthcare data gloating sensitive genetic information as the corona virus. Pandemic you know is now. Put more people in the in the medical system. They've made collecting health related. Data a national Priority according to a new report submitted to congress by the us china economic security review commission. Great that's good news. I'm by the way it looks like mayor..

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