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Help you run your business the way that works for you learn more at **** business dot com I'm rob Stallworth WTOP traffic what a mix of sun and clouds today as temperatures rise into the low nineties now make sure you're staying hydrated I think there could be a slew of heat related illnesses just because it's going to be so hot and so humid and if you're out of out for an extended period of time the heat may likely gets you so again a low to mid nineties for daytime highs today with the humidity or feel hotter than that yesterday we had widespread storms across the area today only a twenty percent chance of some isolated storms bill bubble up on one side or the other of I ninety five most likely eastern bluebirds mountains and then they'll stay south and east for about two to eight PM some of those could be strong possibly severe will dry out as the evening wears on after eight and then clear skies overnight fifties and sixties beautiful for Sunday and Monday with temperatures around eighty and lower humidity I'm something for me around just mourn rickets it is a hot day Purcellville eighty degrees out in now south laurel eighty three and eighty two in Washington a twelve thirty this is WTOP your source for today's top news traffic and weather the DMV always connected and constantly updated twenty four seven three sixty five in your car at home at work and on the go WTOP this moments good afternoon I'm securely on the canal is apt the editor's desk.

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