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A lot of talk for people frankly don't know what to talk about about negotiating with foreign countries they don't actually know what's going on comes you're talking about people who are negotiating with another company at all but this is in from Robert kind of interesting the next time to roll call since he knows all and sees all and on from life you might assume this how is it that of all the presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were the only two that enter the presidency without two nickels to rub together and each of them left multi millionaires you might ask him why his hero Barack Obama I'm Mr climate change has just bought a fifteen million dollar seaside home in Martha's vineyard I'm sure that he'll be able to answer that since he knows all our presence yeah wasn't the fact is that it broke a bomber I actually believe that the seas were about to rise probably about the last thing you do is send out fifteen million dollars to Bossman rather fifty million dollars in order to have yourself a nice view of the ocean that rises swamps your home you're talking about a damp basement pretty much do it in like a build a dike around it just like you know the the Netherlands and and how you can do that because the special be you know Ireland Allama near mint the clear themselves are separate nation once that happens widget Graham takes interesting point if you are what the president's doing by the way in the middle of this trade dispute he was yesterday on face the nation on CBS and said he believes that in order to get China to change its trade practices we will actually have to experience some economic pain but that it is worth it every Democrat and every public and of note has said China cheats the Democrats for years and claiming that China should be stood up to now trump is and we just got to accept the pain that comes with standing up to China how do you get China the change without creating some pain on them and us I don't know yeah how do you get them to change the question is who has more bullets in the gun as it were in in the Goshen in terms and the economists who take a look at this say well it would appear that we do curiously because no they sell a whole lot more to us than we sell to them they put a terrace on our stuff going that way but don't don't have the ability to put terrace on as many things going that way so at the core their businesses are suffering worse than our businesses of any kind and now that the president is negotiated this deal with Japan the biggest alleviate some of the pressure on on from from the farm clocks be very straightforward this is the way it works Stephen notion talking yesterday with reporters and be a rich and Francis said historically our relationship with China has been incredibly lopsided.

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