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After I look it. Eight movies that have got Kuwait from Scientology, nor by do you think if he didn't go into that he would have been that Tom Cruise that we see? The beginning. You know, you only talk in the good movies. I think they've got him a brainless up in there. Really? Go now are is normal. I'm hoping hoping to use a fake name normal. No, I'm not. All righty. So you send it to you. One wish would be Ford, Tom. Cruise stopped drinking, the Scientology Kool-Aid that righty, all righty. If you had that magical genie lamp, what would it be? What would you wish for a celebrity? What do you think that celebrity will wish for a what? Takashi six nine would be like wasn't in jail. Yeah. Oh, yeah. We never got into the rap game. Media. I wish I didn't brigade all Takashi. I wish I wasn't a gangster. He would need three hundred wishes wish I could die. My hair. Sudden front door. Get out. You don't I'm saying, I wish I didn't have to snitch oughta homeys already whatever celebrate that we did. Right. Takes off. AC six two four six eight nine two three. What would you wish for celebrity hit us up speak on a big boy? Bullet, some low to my kids, some writing names. I'm making a list some checking it twice in getting them. The real was dying of the game is valid some Beckham. Is douty thirty time legs amount of my bed..

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