Dr Dre, James Brown discussed on The Howard Stern Show


The the howard stern show so when dray here's this mixed tape of yours and they put it on his party he then calls you and you hang up on them right because you like fuck you you're not dr dre because dr trays the biggest guy in in the business to fucking call me fall on a monday morning like it warranty light snow because i got drown foul on my hello it was a no mother motherfucking dr dre cut off my phone hang up gangster call right back snow v cut is really drank the on the phone i would draw a life that mic statement what you're doing he said on thursday might should i ain't doing shit i don't do it come the studio i wanted to whoop i'm like all right cool so we go to the studio day when you say go to the studio you'd like do you tell anyone do you tell your mother you tell someone that hey i'm going to dr dre studio you just keep your mouth shut i only person i told was the homeboy rump because he only fucking ahead of car rondo rub jumping his car in drive out there so nervous a little bit fuck yeah a little bit and what's it lies i didn't know what the fuck he was going i didn't know what he was going to ask me what he's going to do so look our when i go in there right the deal sea is in a room when deal see is the greatest fucking rapper at all times at that time right so do see is in here and it's like looking at me and like size of me up you should so i don't know what's happening so dry finally come in like come in the studio we go in the studio and he like like this on the gangsters life's on all right he like chains music though so he put on some james brown like the big payback break.

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