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Test of me hit you scrape, tears tones to nice call response kind of thing. Yeah, thank you. That beat that was good. Wha- what a be was at, I guess. I guess I was the twenty twelve music chart. Okay, that happens, hey, it's bringing back on oldie but a goodie from twenty twelve. We were just a year or two deep in these charts. All right. Let's see what's going on. All right. Coming in number five. It's Greta van fleet with highway tune. You have been hearing a lot about this goes getting a lot of mixed review who in a second. Hang on a second. Let's listen to the seven, two. Yeah, this salt. I mean, yeah, it sounds like Zappala I still like it. That's what an engineer said. Last week to say. Good news apple, but it's still, you can't not. You can't listen to it and not think of zeppelin. The whole time you're listening to it. You're driving on the ten freeway out to the desert. This is rock and roll. Good insight. Maybe. Maybe no play a desert trip in like forty years. That's what I'm getting. You know, maybe this will usher in that whole new sound. Remember when like garage band started like the white stripes, and then there's like all those bands, it's direct copy. Zip is going to lead to something maybe started trend where like they'll be much of that just sounds. That's why the bottom was look. I'm not going to be there, but I'm just saying maybe. That's okay. You guys are optimistic, who were they named after Greta van Susteren. It's actually there was like, it's kind of like Leonard Skinner was, was there gym teacher, Greta, van flee the some girl from their town or something like Bella fleet or Bella the the flack? Yeah. I mean, I'll give him a chance it. I don't know rock and roll. It's I don't know where they're getting their, I guess, to get their inspiration from zeppelin because what are the kids are making rock and roll stuff critique as they say zeppelin, hasn't influenced them at all. Oh, really? Yeah, they gotta say, if you listen closely enough, you won't hear any zeppelin. Okay. You'll hear a brand new fresh sound. Now, do you think France Ferdinand was maybe there? Jim uncle, their baseball coach, like they said, it's for. They, I it. It does have a similar sounding name to the guy from World War One, but it's not him. Oh, baron. Von smirk, France, Ferdinand. The guy who is okay. Yeah, that's a political. That's a weird fetched facts toyed tie and thinks historically together at a friend's Ferdinand shirt. It was backwards. I bought it. You know that one with the font is like you're looking at the hall Hollywood bowl, they were tight. Great. Those bands from the UK are pretty type. Greta van, sleek. I'd like to see the video. I wanna see the. I want to see what these guys look like. They're really from Michigan. Oh, they undertake mall town northern Michigan, or are they with the unsettled? Are they a UK? They the Uber's? Was that upper peninsulas? Oh, I guess so. Yeah. That would make up north. Yeah, their way up north. That's why I think they're just in some tiny little town. They're all brothers or most of them cooler just listening to Led Zeppelin Spotify playlist and said, hey, we could do this took kings Leon, did exactly Tennessee now they're taking it up in the kid rock land. Absolutely. All right. Let's see. What's next time I come in at number four. It's Louis Tomlinson with just hold on. Was hoping you're saying movie time, lily Tomlin it sounds like that those Louis CK spat. This is one of the scrubs from one direction to one of the not so standards. I could see myself waiting in line at Cipolla with this playing. Too light fixtures. It's it's feathering. I mean, this is this is popular. This is like, what what's be less than pop? This is this is almost like kids by this could easily sell Samsung product, you think. So. Yeah. Well, like a best buy your here in this over the speaker. During that course part, you know their families taking photos and you're having a great time and they're going down the water slide. And then right here. Oh, commercial commercial? No, we missed the chorus, but. His voice isn't strong and I'm not knocking them. I just don't think it's a song that's going to appeal to like it's for kids. This kid. He should really focus you the Wanguo Tango child shirts, iheartradio junior stage..

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