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Hey we about the number for goodness sake the Democrats and their race delegates in the numbers they need to stay in it and the president of course is really on a pose whoever the person is on the ballot from here to there they have no chance whoever you are whoever you are I don't know my can be kind of fun to put your name on the ballot although you just can't on the Republican side anyway so let's talk about some numbers some of them are funny and let's start with some of the funny numbers did you have a Mister potato head when you were a kid I did I remember it we live near Rucker's university and I am a Mister potato head I know I lost all the pieces constantly but Mister potato head actually started in nineteen fifty two did you know that so so popular how about this subway I had no idea I thought it I just don't know why I thought it was started couple decades ago subway started in nineteen sixty five they sell fifty three hundred subs a minute man sure likes their tuna sub and swears it really doesn't have that many calories even though it has Mandy isn't it but that he always wants sob a tuna sub and here's another couple of good ones for you to spandex not a fan I'm not a fan of anything that squeezes urine but spandex works for some started in nineteen fifty nine it stretches more than five hundred percent did you and I said putting your spandex and stretch five hundred percent but if you can get a rock then I love ice coolers what I like ice coolers I like I schools for a lot of different reasons because I grew up with picnics right and when you to me in my mind when I see ice coolers I think our concert picnic loaded up that whole kind of thing go to the go to the shore go to the beach go to the mountains go wherever but it also has another meaning for me because I covered sports while I was doing my content junky stuff too you know news except for the ice cooler in the dumping the ice cooler over the the head of the winning coach nineteen fifty D. three is the ice cooler the big ones you know the big ones a lift up and Gatorade I have a lot to do with that nineteen sixty five Gatorade came along so that became a bigger boom to you know dump it over the coach's head in the the whole thing about about that tradition I'm not a fan of the sandals and I'm not actually knocking them some people be like oh hit the sandals or the guy in the Birkenstock I don't have a thing about somebody wearing them this is not my thing so Birkenstock nineteen sixty four and maybe it's because I think I think they're kinda ugly but I do sixty four they came around twenty five million are sold every year so a lot of people disagree with me and you may be one of those people that disagree because you might be sporting them right now I see the brown truck constantly in my hood you may two and the brown truck is you PS nineteen fifty three how many packages they delivered today that I want to tell you because then that would give Jeff basis more ammunition but a lot a lot let's put it that way my favorite car this is the last one of the ha ha funny isn't giving you a Ford Mustang I went to when I was in college I had a roommate that had a Ford Mustang spy health and I don't know how many of us crammed into that thing thank goodness I wasn't part of the tall bunch girl's name like that item I am five five so average height nineteen sixty four is when the Ford Mustang came about I love Ford verses for RT and I love the Mustang so white writing down from Ohio to Florida for spring break was so so fun and there's just I don't know if there's something about the Ford Mustang that gets me every single time reviews our a mention scams and the fear that we have of or we don't have we get sucked into them and I think I think people are fearful of scams of this game for you get the frightening phone call so here's the big scams there so I mean really there's so many of them but the ones some of the ones to watch for in a safe thousands of people I'm told because not everybody reports that have been pulled into the so security imposter thing so your social security number is been used in crimes and you're going to be arrested unless you answer this call and tell us use of security number give us all the information we need because it is verifying it with us so just tell me your information whenever you get any phone calls about the security forget it whenever you get any phone calls about the IRS and that you are your past filings are screwed up and they're gonna come after you forget that as well because that's a spam call and the phone scam deals are up up up and they use scare tactics to shake you up and make you think oh my gosh have to comply and if I don't comply I will be arrested something will happen to me so don't fall for the scams because to my count I got I listen about twenty of them today and one of them is also the fake yeah that's my number the fake utility company because I that there's more than that where you're behind in your bill you lose power you would you know if you don't pay it right now here's the deal if you get a pink envelope in the mail see better pay attention to that then you might lose power they're not going to call you up and then they now the power company could do that but you'll know and it's not a big one and just be very careful and if there is if you have some company where it's smaller and that really is the possibility then just make sure you call back and check and find the supervisor whatever just be careful of the fakes scams out there because I think they're on the rise let's put it that way I think it's it gets bigger sadly it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger rolling stones the dead and company are touring yes I mentioned that to I was a fan of the rolling stones after my time when they came out but never after anyone's time because the rolling stones have been around for decades for decades you know this is the error I just decided this was thinking about this you were present in the seventies you have the popular people who are running on the democratic side in their seventies you have actors who are winning awards seventy plus you have groups that are out there touring couldn't be more popular seventy plus seventy is like the new everything it's the new sixty fifty forty on about thirty plus a forty eight year eight and what is it eight a R. P. yeah at the a a RP crowd is huge it's like reinvention because that's what we see we consistently you see what I'm not behind this microphone and I'm speaking on stages some of the most successful people I know some of the most successful people who have helped me mentored me whatever they're all in their seventies and they're telling it I mean they're telling it so we are something about wisdom some about the in the clock has rolled back I don't know the rolling stones formed here's your number in nineteen sixty two right Mick Jagger Keith Richards bill Wyman and Charlie watts Ian Stewart you know that whole crowd and so anyway there're touring and they're going to that you think of all of the songs you think of songs in the seventies you think of American like I could probably give you ten off the top of my head I like Gimme shelter paint it black I like wild horses I like a lot of the rolling stones song so anyway they they're touring I know for sure that they're going to be on the twenty eighth in Houston Texas seven hi may be there I might be there for that too or will have to give you an update but their story all over the place a mate it's a massive toward they're gonna be in San Diego they're gonna be in Vancouver in Minneapolis on may sixteenth of Nashville is the new hot place to be they're going to be a Nissan stadium I know people listening to us in Michigan Ford field and you know they got a bunch of tour stops I was not ridiculous though I want to say no more than probably twenty stops twenty stops Max their tour well I believe at least now because I can always add you know that's what they do but they've got a they've got one in Atlanta at Mercedes Benz stadium on.

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