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It's probably American or you with the money. Line Rollover you look for upside you look for ceiling for a team that can go out there and score you. Some of these big upsets Lafayette's done it already over the course of the conference play season. That's one that I'm looking at here. As far as this conference goes I think probably colgate or be you ultimately wins it but Lafayette is kind of your risk reward type of play. Well you you know. You're you're looking at a team in Lafayette that you know has as a sophomore point guard and and then a lot of leadership in the middle. And you've got multiple guys that can score You're a team that shoots free throws very well. You shoot twos well. You don't shoot three wells but that's fine and two losses. A two losses is the most. You've had him back to back games all year. So can't can't argue with that play at all so we go to Wednesday here. We've got three conference tournaments getting underway. We won't talk about the North Eastern Conference Alva- preview actually of all of these thirty two conference tournaments over at Bang the book Dot Com. But let's take a look the mountain West Conference where we've got a lot more household names conferences. A lot of people are going to know bit better than some of those low major leagues. I'm astonished that it's wet starts on Wednesday and we don't have any odds out for it yet but what we do know for sure. Ralph is that -Sego state will be the clearcut favorite here. They will and you know. We talked about San Diego State a lot during the end of the regular season and I clearly thought it would help them to lose a game. I. I didn't think it was a positive thing to have an undefeated season. I didn't think it was a positive thing to have that win. Streak to try to carry over so we saw them lose to. Unlv no-one playing better ball in the country right now then. Unlv down the stretch. Just amazing losing their bigs and go into small ball and what they've done but you know now. Unlv of course host this tournament as they always do. But you know you saw San Diego State lose to UNLV struggle mightily to Colorado state and then struggled mightily in the first half against Nevada and then Malachi. Flynn takes over scores. I think thirty five in that game they pull away the second half against Nevada and now I think they're back. You know this. This is the team that yes you want to win your tournament. And it's a situation. Where if you were undefeated at this point and this is a little off topic but if you were undefeated. I wouldn't want to win my tournament and be undefeated that would just be the mindset. I have the other difference between this tournament and next week is if you are playing physical teams back to back to back to back games and you know you're in the tournament. I don't know if winning the tournament is that much of a priority for you. Obviously this week it's different. I'm talking next week when we look at some of those other tournaments. And let's say you're the big ten and you're one of the top two seeds and you have to play Wisconsin and Michigan State and purdue and you're GONNA get banged up three straight days hell. I'd rather losing around to take those extra days rest. Still be a three seed and be happy without having banged up with that said though now they have the entire week of rest having lost to. Unlv I think how helps them? Cav have revenge if they face them again Having you know having beaten. Unlv here in this setting gives them gives them momentum. I would not bet against San Diego state in this tournament but again you were talking about a prohibitive favorite and you know you're GONNA be playing air force or Fresno no problem then so you very well could have a second round game against UNLV. I like Utah. State Utah State to get to the finals. I think Utah states playing as well as anyone and if I can get Utah State Bob. Looking ahead to the finals and obviously it matters. You know how well you're playing but if I can get UTAH. State plus five or more down the stretch. I'd be happy to take them in the finals against San Diego State and if I'm getting Utah State if I think they're going to be a five point dog in the finals and a significant favourite in the other games you know if I could get plus two fifty as far as the tournament goes then. I'd be looking at them. Yeah I think so too. I mean you got four games in four days here for the teams at the plough Wednesday. Those are the six through eleven seeds as you mentioned this one at the Thomas and mack out in Nevada. Unlv with that homecourt advantage but obviously these fan bases travel. Because you know why wouldn't you WanNa go to Las Vegas at this time of the year? The thing that's interesting Cindy state here since two thousand nine. They've been in the finals. This conference tournament nine times. They are only three and six straight up in those nine games so this is a team that makes a good tournament. Run doesn't always finish it off. We'll see if they're able to do it here. I agree with you on Utah State because one of the things you're going to find in these conference tournaments teams that had really high expectations and fell well short of them. They are supremely motivated to go out there and try and get that bid back that they feel like they lost Utah State. Is that team to me. They are the most dangerous team in this conference tournament. We'll see what the odds are like here. Once that one rolls around rough one more conference tornado touch with you here on this show..

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