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He's going to be at the free throw line shooting. Three free throws here on that foul on Justin Smith. Anna's doing some nice things offensively here. But you've got to continue to understand the scouting report defensively and not let us spot up shooter. And right now Aaron thousand for north west been that guy he has really lifted this northwestern offense here when they needed it most and has been able to maintain that lead on Indiana because of how good he's been. Vows goes to the free throw live with four three point field goals tonight one here in the second half. And he was fouled on his last attempt that he knocks down the first free throw. This guy had not shot a free throw. It tells you how little played this year. Until that one right there, and he has two more color. It's the second fourteen points for Aaron bows zone. Who is a shooter? No question about that. But have seen little playing time leading into this ball game tonight all season long. He hit all three what a night propel zone. Scripting Puerto the game forty six to thirty six in the leads. Now, Ted got a lot of work to do. Here is Joel mortgage works on pardoned down low throws it up through the foul. Offensive foul. They call off XY follow. Unbelievable. I gotta see that replay there. Defense is late slide Nobre might have been too deep as well. Had the driving miscall there from the bows zone was the guy who grew it and here comes northwestern leading by ten. Here's foul zone outside the AJ Turner turnout dribble. Set coupla times gives it the foul for three rooms at going. Ball rattled around and popped up in the air and drop dead zone. Eighteen tool away from his career high guys played almost no minutes this season. Here's rob off. It goes right side, a Romeo. Langford rise lost. It gives it up to now off the fantasy fantasy back out to Justice. He goes right to Durham Durham slides to the lap polls rise right guest adjusted Smith into the lane. He tried the Dunkin he was fouled. Foul-caller goes against the cats. Whistled this one. Nice strong, Dr Smith there a little dribble. Handoff faction to men game without Durham. Grows up. Nice aggressive move. They're getting to the free throw line the finish out there. But he's going to have an opportunity here to get two points here from the foul line spouse zone. Second foul the ball game. Six points for Justin Smith and seven thousand hits that free throw. Justin tonight is knocked down all three that. He's taken all the free throws here in the second half. Bryan, Taylor checks into the lineup and AJ Turner said staffer arrest. The other thing is thousands playing quite a few minutes. And you wonder what kind of condition he is in. But it's apparently good. Smith hits another free throw. So he's hit four straight. The second half rob Betsy gets arrest here as Zach Roberts zip. Bringing it up the floors. Anthony gains four northwestern gains across the time line finds law pitches right side of foul zone zone. Throws it back out the gains gains slides to the right. Here's the bats pass off the law. He's in the circle gives it back outside the Taylor. Brian Taylor goes right with a pastor fouls on he throws it the gains. They almost went over and back gainst came up with it. He drove it inside fumbled around it goes to and he hits another one as the horn sounds that is on believable and Aaron foul zone has twenty one points a career-high. Now, it is fifty thirty eight in Indiana's down fourteen Boyd whole, and what do we got here? Another file. Against indiana. The officials now are discussing it. I don't know what's going on here. And they're chanting Aaron foul zone. They call Juwan mortgage. John mortgages picked up his third personal foul. She doesn't know what's going on. Or why would the call was paid? And I'm not sure they're going to check the monitor here. I guess it was contacted a face on that screen by Jon Morgan, China read some lips here. But. I didn't think at all when the blue that was going to be on Indiana here organized. Oh, man how we're trying to watch this replay. Don, I'm not seeing much at all. They call the foul on Juwan and pardon battling one another checking what another John's arm got up around his head. But there wasn't a hit. It wasn't a hit of any kind. And I don't know why they call the following laws away from the ball that might have been why we didn't see it. But fortunate for Indiana here this foul zone. Eric foul zone. You mentioned it has this career high for northwestern that last play was just odd the ball bounced off his academic Robert Wright to zone in the corner. And this guy is just hot right now for northwestern six of seven from three Scott twenty one points, and he has single handedly Justice mantle this Indiana defense here in the second half the end has got to do something here. To limit his touches because right now this fourteen point deficit starting to look for some worse. Here has time continued to take down. Now, the thirteen minutes left Bill here in the second half. Well, they explained that they one official was telling Archie that he used this. He tried to he used the elbow. I never saw elbow at all. I just saw the four on pop says, it's a bad call and unfortunately for Indiana because it happened before Romeo was fouled. Indiana was gonna be able to get the ball and other foul on northwestern there. Instead, it's western call on the other way. Jay forester, makes his first appearance in big ten basketball here tonight as he comes out of the floor Jawad sits down with three and Indiana filings itself at a fourteen point hole is Vic laud rebels near midcourt slides of rights afoul zone on the corner. And now, what are we have this calls against northwestern thousand going out of bounds? I think that's that's the call. Leave the playing field so to speak to get open. What was it? Doing a nice job down their running. Multiple screens for fouls zone. He's gonna come out of the game. Thank goodness. They were chanting his during that time out here while they were reviewing the place and wellwisher. He's got twenty one points a new career high his previous this year. Best was six points. I think it was scored in one ballgame. Across the timeline with a ball. Indiana has a dig has to dig deep here down fourteen thirty six to go. Here is Romeo drives right to Al burrow back to Romeo. He goes baseline pulls up little twelve footer going. Forgets his seven point his second basket of the second half. And he has got to get some stops here. Rare. Across the time line goes left side with the past the Turner j Turner pitches outside a Taylor. He fires up a three at a rattles air. Unbelievable. Five points for him. Rather? Followed side, and in the end, I guess another foul another charge on Indiana, running the pick and roll, Jay forester. Pop the ball, another API, call here Greer, the defender from the weak side might have been inside that semicircle. Check who made that last basket. It was at Turner. Here's Taylor Taylor. Okay. That's what I thought. He's got five points now with the balls Greer outside the Barrett Benson. He throws it the gains on the left side back to Turner. He drives right. Dumps. It all throw it away while goes out of bounds to belong to. Northwestern basketball. They're making every play. It's ridiculous. He plays. They're breaking down every single time down the floor. Northwestern able to make some kind of a play on the ball. And we have time out with eleven forty five left. Indiana is in a world of hurt. Once again this team is really struggling because I can't make shots. We'll be back in a moment..

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