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Gene archer lift town we'll made him here sharper he'd games marlins game mutual and sharpen dolphins game said persona non grata he also rose on inaugural appearance rather than what we were saying before get him out of me my father way persona non grata as much better than though the the baseball people at the club there i spineless you know our and the guy who but the marlins is a carpetbagger out of the beast because of the of this failure because of anything else okay that's enough let's whisk him away because i don't want anyone to get in any trouble but that's how we are daddy of that are the mayor my ashby that's that's that's there is miami's voice right there yup yes mike is scared garros laughing you guys all heard what you're saying before that boise cleaned it up he clings up good we made our big bore with us now sorry sorry big boy boom averse check it out his album boomer versus available now is gonna make good music man i really enjoyed the last couple of albums he's put together and you could see tour dates big boy dot com is where you go big boy thank you for being on with a with us or you're smoking at gas sir yeah all right yeah all right where wake of big yacht yeah like i like the man in sale no it'll be left who have the bill you know what i mean so i'll meet has long right you can get titled career h straight wager the chair bureau the jail nate straight weeks nobody's done better than you method man came after year this year i think he did seven method man came after you but he stumbled at the end uh crowbar you're not.

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