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In the world's most powerful financial membership money line here we roar this week. We had a chance to catch up with Jimmy. Johnson's crew chief cliff Daniels Dylan. Welsh found him at Las Vegas Motor speedway to tell us about auto club speedway this weekend first of all just logistically speaking for getting out of Daytona and getting everything prepared for not only here but all the West Coast races. What kind of challenge did a Monday night? Race present actually presents a big challenge for all of us in the garage with the preparatory or do we need to do to get our west coast cars. Ready to get sent out Obviously the first season. There's always last minute item. So you're checking over adding or updating on your cars Fortunately everyone at hitter. Motorsports did a great job of getting our cars prepared ahead of time. So Tuesday for sure was a long day but once we got the cars loaded to come here to Las Vegas. We felt really good about them and now like wiser are shop is doing a great job of getting everything. Ready for California and Phoenix coming up and looking to Fontana. You weren't in the crew chief role there last year. What kind of challenge do you anticipate that presenting or what are you kind of keeping your eyes out for as we go there next week. California's such a cool place for for us in the four day just the history of the track for what it means to Jimmy. The success over the years so the challenges are being away. What you need for the straight line speed versus the the group in the corners. The track does have off but obviously it's a two mile track and there's a lot of inherent speed you need to have built into your car so there's a lot that we've been working on to make sure we're prepared and ultimately wants to get on track we'll find out the bumps on the backstretch something we always talk about their How do you compensate for that or can you in any way compensate for those? There's a few things that That you can adjust with with your shocks and you're right heights and how you approach your your springs in your bump stops. We've done a lot of work last year. Trying to improve. Not only the bumps on the back straightaway. Which obscure there that you mentioned. But there's also a lot of bumps in the corners to so handling over the bumps premium. Managing Your ride height control is definitely premium again. All of our engineering staff. Everybody at Hendrick motorsports in a great job of last year's of developing shocks and springs and and things correctly to help in those areas so I will be pretty well prepared with it. Being Jimmy's home track his last race. There as you mentioned what?.

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