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Of killing her baby boy by transmitting a deadly combination of drugs through her breast milk her attorney says it was a horrific accident kyw's suburban bureau chief jim melwert has more according to court documents topsy show samantha jones baby died because he had methadone amphetamine and methamphetamine in his system the thirty year old chef on women's charged with criminal homicide but her attorney louis pepsico says this is in no way an intentional killing this is a horrific accident in which a loving and devoted mother tragically lost the most important thing on earth her her little boy jeff david of probable causes jones told police she was prescribed methadone does police around three am on april second she was too tired to go downstairs when her baby woke up so she tried to breastfeed him around six am her husband made the baby a bottle before leaving for work and joe jones says she gave the baby bottle than those sleep when she woke up she says the infant was showing signs of distress tests of the bottle end of the formula show no illicit drugs at the suburban bureau jim melwert kyw newsradio former supermodels defamation lawsuit against bill cosby can move forward but not her acuras asians against the disgraced comedians former attorney supermodel janice dickinson claims that in nineteen eighty two cosby knocked her out with wine and drugs and raped her she says she was revictimizes in two thousand fourteen when she came forward with her accusations and cosby and his attorney martin singer denied the accusations to the point of hurting her career humiliating in called dickinson a liar back then because of contradictions in the story she told in her book and what she said in the press specifically in her book she said cosby wanted to have relations with her but she said no and he walked out the judge ruled out while he believes singer did not act with malice against dickinson a jury should decide if cosby's liable to dickinson and forcing your statements jim.

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