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As long as he gets the renton on time he doesn't leave the fridge open so the camel milk goes bad debt gets you malaria but i feel like they're they're like overall they're probably not like the cleanest group of racers that would probably go to team extreme who has done better consistently but he also gone on a bit of a recent tair so i don't know maybe maybe a team like jessen cody who had been doing okay but not too terribly well i guess that would be my pick right now for is most likely to finish in fourth place i feel like team extreme is guaranteed final three no matter what i feel like that again apologies if i'm going to much down the rabbit whole but i feel like that hole they keep stating that only three female female teams have won it if we didn't have them at least in the finals that story line would feel a little bit unsatisfying we were so off on the edit reading an amazing raise twenty nine that i don't necessarily spoiler territory by any stretch of the imagination goes how bad we are at it with recent seasons of the amazing ruth but just i kinda feel like even though mike feels like that he mix stream is a lock i almost feel like that i could see the being first or i could see them being fourth i thought that was very cocky to show them saying in the end it this week of well we know we're going to be in the final three and it's just a question of which two other teams are going to be there with us yeah i'm kinda with you on this rather i think we keep every single leg we keep reinforcing they've never dipped below thirdplaced guys never dip below thirdplaced wind where i thought i thought maybe they were going out at four at the end of this second half because just because of the way they keep hammering home how competent in excellent these guys are as racers i could certainly see them going out of four just because oh that's the first time you know the same way we have the teams that never win a leg and make the finals and end up winning at all they say like you'll only like the matters is the last one and there's your first place finish finally.

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