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It's it's my favorite my new favorite laptop. So for twenty nineteen I'm looking forward to existing form factors that realized they can do things better. And. Doing those things better. And also new little categories coming back like that little gopro. What's it? Nocco people have done events, and I don't like the Osmo pocket today asthma pocket, which looks like a nice little nifty camera. I love that. You can connect that thing to any smartphone on the saw over on the side. Make it a big old monitor genius. And it's bringing back that hand held digital camera that we had back in the days of flav lip. Since then so much. Yeah. And we'll see if it's or if people say, you know, the stablization I get my ten Asir my pixel three is fine. Yeah. But I I love I love it. I love it. Anytime a company is like, let's experiment with either a new thing or making an old thing better refreshing thing. Yeah. I completely agree. I I'm pretty much in the same boat. I actually look forward to whatever the next generation over gaming consoles. Are that's what I really want to see happen because the PS four and the XBox are really due for a refresh or an upgrade of some sort. But on the on the topic of pocket and mobile, the apparently there might be a new switch in a really curious. What that would look like I've heard that rumor to the switch switch to switch to switch pro perhaps. And I want to know what that would look like and to see if other companies are going to move towards that. Because if there's one thing that we're seeing a lot more of. Two thousand eighteen this is a trend. We didn't even really touch upon in this podcast, the gaming phone is now a thing. And I wanna see that in. So if the switch pro comes out with Nintendo making more, I p's not just for it. But also for mobile everyone else gust up their game of man, and it looks like they're trying it looks like a Seuss razor. Everyone's trying Xiaomi make one Nubia makes one. Yeah. I'm looking forward to seeing more of that. Because a mentality. I've always had in the computing realm is a gaming machine is so it can be so powerful and so good that it can handle pretty much any other task. So a gaming phone hopefully will fit that description as well. And I'm looking forward to that. Yeah. No, I strongly agree with that. And and that's another thing. What are the ecosystem has to keep up with and catch up with it? Like, I've had these gaming phones in this been great. But frankly mobile games as they stand right now are still not as compelling to me as the kind of stuff you can get on even the switch a lot of people. Just like turn their noses up at because you can't play red dead redemption to on it. You know, because it's not a very it's not a counseled. It's all about power. Yeah. But it still has those Nintendo exclusive titles that I think are worth the price tag alone. Well, I mean, there's there's a rumor going around that a patent because of Hatton was just signed off on by Sony that kind of looks like a Vida Evita successor. Oh, what was the the veto was their portable their PS, Vida. Remember that clumsy product placement in Hausa card. Yes. Kevin. Hey is that a PS veto? Okay. Well, yeah, I think I think I think we've done it. I think that's good. Leo. We're on our way to our next destination. Monetize this say it. We're literally going to a monument called the glory hole glory hole. You can give them a quick explanation because I have never even known about this thing. We're just going by wineries. And that's all I wanna go to right now. This is amazing. Actually, I should take some more video it's beautiful here in northern California. We're going to a big old drain. Do it through a YouTube search for glory hole where I don't Google door. Oh my God. Do a search for the devil's gate. Yes. Or just big drain. You'll find it the ad make us Anoma in sonoma's, California, a minute you see the thumbnail you will know what we're talking about. Yes. Since we're since we're here, I'm driving. I can't necessarily look at the script that jill's makes me every single week. I'm going to go into the out trove after this..

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