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Natural language systems are it doesn't reflect the customers and so there's not really a fiscal or fiscal incentive. To do a massive overhaul of the system so i've long been wishing that there would be an entry for smaller players to come in and build more open systems from scratch mozilla's been working on that with project voice a and i hope that that continues but they can't just plug their voice recognition engine in to anything right now it's out there for like independent projects and raspberry pi but kind of stuff. I believe but how. How might we give people the ability to feel more represented in a world where the big players haven't committed to opening up for expanding or be more into interoperable. I've seen some token efforts navy. They're more than token but like and you'll google's trying to get folks with down syndrome and do and engaging with them and trying to get them into their natural language program But i don't see a lot of effort to lake directly engaged with the black community and there's a whole other language structures and like regional intonations and things and i feel like not engaging directly with them maybe like implicit bias or unconscious bias. I feel like that deserves as much attention especially in the states. It's tough But i you know the the big players would say like oh. Is that making us money. Well if you were more interoperable or more open maybe smaller players could come in and help cover that gap a healthier ecosystem could help do that. Yeah think thinking about in the book you talk about interrupted or interruption metrics was was one of the things you mentioned in the book about when it's good to interrupt conversation that's not the right. What is it well activity. That was what i was looking for. And when you building interruption metrics about when it isn't isn't a good time it's not just a personal interruption metrics ultimately it's a cultural one because what might be culturally. Okay in one particular society might be really really not something you do another. Maybe they maybe interrupt real inter operability. Some help fill the cultural gaps. Yes that too. And i will say that i like. I was happy to see that when we were working on the amazon echo like amazon would spin up voice teams in the countries in which they were launching so that's that's and they weren't shipping designers over. They were hiring local folks to get some of the regional perspective but beget. There's so much especially when you get into natural user interfaces when you're moving beyond typing mouse.

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