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That's true it's a man Hey we got to get serious here for but their land yeah our morning show mashups right now we have the accuser one of the accusers of Jeffrey I abstain yeah Jennifer rose a rose she was on the today show yes they give an absolutely riveting interview and we've got to part two of that was on the today show yeah it's a really part two today and sees the newest Jeffrey absent accuser who's come forward and and she and she really thought I don't know why but I let her talk about it why she thought Jeffrey FC was going to help her this can only be beneficial you know listen this is a good thing just to get through and also I could still get easier go better so I just kept on going I guess why she did and I don't know up and leave a run away or whatever yeah she was obviously servicing him and others or whatever terrible and let's see she was also asked about coming forward at this time I know that I'm doing the right the right thing and and I feel good about it I feel good I feel brave I feel strong the number right now the feel afraid of him not anymore I'm done with that we think the judge is gonna do because yesterday there was a a bail hearing and at scenes people propose well basically the town house so the the home which is worth seventy seven million plus a private plane I would put that up so it's basically putting up at least seventy seven million they want I'm under hot house arrest with a monitor but I I I think the judge will turn out don't you think the judge will turn it on Monday I think he's a flight risk he's got money squirreled away somehow yeah and it will you know what to say he's he's case going to face the rest of his life in jail I could see him trying to cut and run his attorneys are claiming that the the initial charges came up years ago he served his time he's been quote a model citizen ever since and that's that's the argument they they proffered for the judge gesture I had either I don't think the judge is gonna Natalie for with I don't think so know what a creepy guy note you know Harvey once the now is on his third right attorney so he will know what is he going through attorneys this way I'm that that part and understand yeah that's a mystery to bubble apparently he's a we had profiles jerk to whatever Bronfman at one point he did yeah I did yeah he did well now yes is attorney Donora Tano and she is sounding awfully confident I think Michael you will hear things about multiple conversations.

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