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Arrested over the bullying of her child at schools. Jamie rathburne is accused of confronting children who were bullying her third grade son at a Greenville, South Carolina elementary school. She was arrested after police Lord of the confrontation after the woman. Posted a Facebook video ranting about the bullies. She admitted on the video she quote snuck into the school, not right in my actions, but I'm right for saving up for my son, I was upset. I did some stupid and they got me arrested. Rathburne scissors son has been teased hit with the computer and grabbed his throat at school. Jim, Chris, Bs news school principal in the south has gotten a lesson on plagiarism Kenny demoss, couldn't fool Ashton Kutcher fans really three things I wanna share. So it's really three things. The high school principal from Parkersburg west Virginia's been suspended for five days without pay for riffing off the actor speech at the twenty thirteen Nickelodeon, teen choice awards in his address at graduation. That opportunity looks a lot like hard work. I believe that opportunity. Looks a lot like hard work responded, calling imitation, this insidious form of flattery. He was short aside his source. Oscar Wilde Deborah Rodriguez CBS news music star says a restrictive abortion pill is prompted her to donate. The money from her live performance this past weekend. Grandes show on Saturday night in Atlanta was sold out. TMZ says he's donated proceeds of the show to plan parenthood. Georgia is one of the states that pass the fetal heartbeat abortion law. A number of major film and media companies including Disney net flicks. Have suggested that they may avoid productions in states with heartbeat bills this week CEO's of more than one hundred eighty companies signed an open letter arguing state laws, restricting women's reproductive rights are bad for business as for 'Grande. About three hundred thousand dollars is being sent to Planned Parenthood. Piper CBS news on the markets and the day's business news coming up in Bloomberg. The Bloomberg report next WBZ news. Time to fifty three imagining a better Bank starts with looking at the savings rates, most banks offer and saying really capital. One is building.

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