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It's only to say it was only between know that. They're not good. It's it's the quarter final of the Champions League come on Puerto. They might be a good team, but solid solid result. Forever. Can I ask you a random Liverpool question? I don't think I've asked you this season who's the most important player on this team. Can I can I say it's but between say whatever you want. I think totally open question. I've long held the view that Bobby for manual up front links that whole attack together. I haven't changed on that. And I think Virgil Van Dyke is probably the most important there defensively stepping out with the ball. Andrew some of his long passes are so elegant. I haven't seen anything elegant sense. I can think of anything more elegance while that was quite a comparison. I couldn't think of something ease the way possible the way he gets on the phone his range of passing. He's he's like a center midfielder at centerback. I don't think this would be my answer necessarily. But I will say they do feel different when Jordan Henderson is playing. I know what you mean by that. I thought he was so good for them yesterday. Yeah. And I don't know there's just something out like he's way he links play with for me. No. And and that forward line and like get to Henderson and kind of the middle of the park, and then you just because of the speed of solid mon- down the wings or for me. No in the mid like his ability to pick it out when he's playing the right ball. I don't know. I feel like that's just changes thing. He is very cognizant of his role, which is to get that ball to that fron three quickly the ball. He played for silo for the for the second goal was exile. Int he spent the defense. You're right. And he was playing in a little bit of a different position. And he was excellent. When he came on against Sunderland and scored so yeah, you're right. By the way, I do want to say that the luck which has befallen Liverpool throughout the season has now permeated its way from the Premier League into the Champions League as well. And it's conclusive God is a Liverpool fan. We're seeing the look you're talking about we've mentioned the Alexander Arnold deflect deflect also that happened. All right. And for most Sala to not even get a yellow card for what was probably a red card offence in the fourth minute of that game. It didn't is are the moments that change lives. They changed legacies. They change history, quite frankly, it didn't look grit. But if you watch it in real time, there was no force our intent to hack the guy on his shin. His boot landed in place, if you want to say can't you just say he stepped on a man on the bottom of a man's leg. He stepped on the red card stepped on the man's like he could easily have got a red. I but what he was doing. But the was like there was no the intention to actually do that what he was trying to do was hold off the other guy and again across the top of the ball and keep his mall does intention matter. Not really if you wanna say he should have got a red card. I concur. Here's karen. So president Pinto. Paint. And have something to say why he said Danilo should thank God. Because this is a leg break. No trying to kick the ball. Thank god. He does not have a broken leg. Yeah. Okay. It isn't like breaker. Go back and watch it in real time. There wasn't a force to break a leg in it. He did not that was not as intention. It was not a tackle as such. But if you want to say should have got a red card, I'm fine with that. I do I do want. Right. I agree there. We are. I love we need. You've got your because I can see your Liverpool pan read peeking out of the side of your jeans looking at, gene. 'cause I wanna know if you're wearing your Liverpool underpants, and you clearly are just upping pervert for two nights. Can only be this way..

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