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And weather together on the eight Sears, Neil fear. Rita. Oh, clear road along the Edens in either direction the Kennedy inbound heavy from Cumberland canfield on north avenue to the burn interchange. Twenty eight in from O'Hare sixteen off the junction twelve and the express up on thirteen Montross and twenty-five to the airport slowing down from the burn interchange. To Armitage in the Nagel Harlem the extension is clear on both sides. The inbound Eisenhower thirty-five from route three ninety twenty two minutes from Mannheim. A backup from central the Cicero and then from Z into the burn interchange up on a little slow from central the Austin eighteen a Mannheim and thirty one to three ninety coming. Inbound. Stevenson at thirty six minutes from the veterans tollway twenty-six in from the tri-state fourteen from Cicero, your delay from central to catch up on the brakes from Pulaski to Cicero twelve to that point twenty two to the tri-state thirty two minutes to three fifty five. No, fifty-five delays through will county. The Dan Ryan of slowdowns starting at the Stevenson twenty two minutes from ninety fifth to the burn interchange. Seventeen outbound a backup from fifty nine to the Chicago skyway Fifty-seven coming in a little slow approaching one hundred and third seventeen minutes from eighty to the Ryan Twenty-three on the Ford from eighty ninety four to the merge. Lakeshore drive. Southbound heavy for Michigan to Chicago avenue. Tollways tristate northbound heavy approaching ninety and then from the Bentonville bridge to Belle, moral know, Jane Addams delays. The Ronald Reagan is clear. So is veterans toll route fifty three southbound heavy from Jay. Adams to Higgins, three ninety look straight. As does I eighty through Joliet. The roads northwest Indiana are moving along fine. Grand park belbow is shutdown from Columbus to lakeshore. Drive to set up for the hot chocolate race coming up this Sunday, expect more lane closures throughout the weekend. All lanes reopening by six PM.

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