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Is we, we are. Thank you. When we were I thought, she d mesh on this mice second problem last time, going to say is, if they always thought they were going to bring him back with Peggy, why let their dogs are are 'cause 'cause north at me any cells. Air. But I think what they're trying to say he was looking for a connection Peggy. I knew that's what they're trying to say. But even he felt awkward about it. But also tell you something that I got from that as well. And I was only could just reach. This mobile stuff. It's almost kind of indictment of modern women would wear too fast motor wonder have the Simpson message. I'm Ninos whips mountainous of the pay women of old. It felt a bit like that, even though you need different time. Yes, you don't have the same cultural touchstones. But you're telling me that this no one what the same intensity intelligence or stuff like Peggy? They commit to the more. He was working remember that he was only on tomato, America defend the right here. Nobody was busy guy was yes, he was got you did mention grew. They ship with every all the female of all females shield members and he was very close in the tasha just didn't make. I'm talking about a romantic into it. What are you caught recommend putting the one well busy like he was busy? What shoot went down? He was giving what he thought his best friend who. Okay. Busy kids? But now up to kill tunnels. I got everything now, you know, be anymore because with my. And so when he wasn't paying off shits as I particularly this woman I love and Q publicized, sucking down on ninety Ninety had. had Shunichi time trouble smoke take it's gonna take it just felt really on the on the on just live. Howdy. Howdy might face I just for anyone go by on anyone go by anyone who's watching the movie Blissett of history egg. Because if you notice that everyone was why did he choose? Thinking over winter soldier. The falcon focus over winter soldier. Okay. If I'm watching movie game you notice that when he says, he's had the conversation before you said it exactly before he says, I'm going winsor said, I'm going to miss you. He was only percents shop came back to see what happened in. No winter soldier. And what about the racial or whatever that show is that going to show what happened there because the person was shot was falcons. So he definitely had a conversation with black he offered Bucky and by, which offered Bucky after America, I'm bucket said north. Okay. Then also, like, I don't like that's three to because almost like, okay, my first Chester when I think I gained who went against dangerous. But okay, we'll just go for the that's that's exactly why it happened because they're saying that is with us of America on booking. The reason he has with this book because he feels that he's the cause of all book is pro also these obsession stellar. It's now that is of sesame, gal cupped in America defender, the fight because he act to, to possibly this Royston said view upon on which we couldn't even see in politics to put it to go up. All of the Basel much better. Black woman was multiple threads for the past. So, you know, I can see the fact that he has emotionally. I admit you and I bet you that he would have you would have had that comes into Jones to them guy. Keep making wrongly. I think it can get up gercy another thing is captain, America's with divisional speech. Every time that guy Latin America, basically Rev, everyone of to go onto nor fighting for execute financially. I wish leaders in the work prescription be. This is any game. There's one more be messed up the relationship that the claimed they were teasing from ventures between Hoke Natasha out what's relationship. She was married to one. What, what is going about them talking about block? We doing. Airolo with. Something. Where was the only person? I said, where's the tasha that's true, but they never have shaved didn't fucking. That's what I was saying it all that she died because let's Mounir had nothing combat to yet already killed people yet with changed his cartoon, sue because in coming of changes from that game min jock, I don't get that decision because if she came back, then we'll have seen what happened. Well, look at it this way. Here's a wet man with funding. So obviously he that's to survive at. If is single white woman, still, I don't have any kids or anything watch. What I'm sorry. It's bullshit because Tatra deserve to be in that line, when they're like, yes. Spiderman Disney forgetting that we don't worry she has has she has back up. I mean, I'm sorry. I Email danger. She deserved to be at that moment, customers picture shut up. The second one the seconds conservative. Yeah, she is. Because he's also the best that they enjoy armband one thing to say about s- 'cause it's got the what is it's when that obviously digits said plenty comedown is like superman effect if she comes into early she's business for any of the other, she's busy. His shut up your to on. No, no, no. That there is. I on Staten Saddened today. by the points in. She wet issue. She did she kicked out. I enjoyed Spiderman on off still, like he just had three lines on the life. Okay. Now, I told you that there's a reason why I don't books in films because of this for my watch world young called chump, voyeur. Tall in that one like mid yet, Holland, when going miss stock, Mr. stock is eight exactly I am not for the drunk. I remind. Like all the way he the way his wavered fucking hell that this may be another to not watch because I don't like anything because info was Trump snot it afterwards. Like I am never ever ever watching everyone you need to watch of the thrill of what I heard. It's connecting by don't want ex in must've. Wait for for whom coming Spiderman coming, I come watch, because he's kind of sees I am on ever. Interesting. You don't hear it. You're what she needs. I'm watching, you know in terms of writing. Yeah. You don't want trailers one ROY win the right to read it. So you are saying, yes. So basically is very much personal. Happy has to come in there to sort of. Oh happy. Happy. The. So far. It's good. I want to watch it. But also once you, but because I can also see the next face. They're kicking it off with the tunnels as their series of crisis called the tunnels. That's what it chosen to which is very interesting unintelligent onto the next month. I don't think that the big bite. I think they're the precursor to the big bad for the next phase anything. Big bag is going to be I think is good to be. Something about this about before, because women took on those with true, who had what's sources on populism cooking from gardeners, got got to that. It's going to be was a king offering I was expecting that Adam was to appear, but it's all kids, this is what they're looking for the next thing was like, look, I've already invested of MIR's. I don't think I was another twelve years. I've. Cam. I'm getting on in each I of the IP that much exploited with this level of intensity in the future hours, we walk into the cinema. Great game. Yeah. I'm looking forward to that. Definitely, but yeah, that was our. Refrain know that this was a very long podcast very twelve. Throwers. This is obviously to be through it. But yet, you got even this, that discussing your to achieve the podcast. Tiff now uncanny summary MC on fencing. However coins. Offense him. Counselled in right. Thank you. Thank you rates to review. Thank you do it. Thank you. Bye..

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