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On a fight there's no way knows walk into the seats right as a it's about the star wars eric in abilene texas you're on cbs sports radio brill are you doing i'm a longtime knick fan i would like to get your scouting report on the two nick draftees and how they been doing it summer week well i know that they did a deal i guess i was seeing today with the mitchell robinson guy i have not watched him play i have watched kevin knox play at great length here in a few games and he's just been utterly fantastic i mean just blew me away because i never thought anything of him at kentucky they obviously he was the leading scorer kentucky would have never known it the way they were selling alexander and everybody else that school that factory that basketball one and done factory that it is there's no doubt it's a great program and and everyone that goes there ends up being very rich so i mean a guy puts everyone in the nba you can never say calbury doesn't make these guys rich but i just think you know just watching him tonight just lighting it up i haven't big games i mean he's he's not perfect but i think he's definitely shown some great moments of skill in the summer league he struggled at times tonight for sure in that game with boston and everybody's showing highlights of him struggling and highlights i've been making mistakes but then they finally got around to showing highlights i've been making all kinds of plays it's like the guy's got a great to stop eurostat he's got a keen knack for going to the ram he makes plays he's great off of screens shooting great office screens passing throwing alleyoop sta teammates.

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