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Even though there wasn't a training camp all we kept hearing was kevin pierre louis. Kpl how many times do we hear kpl's name before a game was ever played. There was something about this dude when they started to practice that they loved. We saw you know him play well at times but saw him a big part of the team last year. So i think a lot of that stuff you know is important. So when you hear these interviews whether it's an hour format or gp doing it on nbc. Sports or ben doing it. You know as part of a a zoom call with with all the beat people. I think that there's stuff that you can take out of that. I mean last year that kp l. We kept hearing kpl's name boy. They love themselves. Some kevin pierre louis last year and by the way they also really liked logan thomas. We were hearing that name a lot early on so those are some of the things To focus on. I asked ron rivera about some of those players. I think he really likes cameron curl I think that he is very excited to see the competition at the wide receiver position. I think they feel look one of the things. Tommy you can say about this team you can say they really did a good job in the off season at addressing their perceived weaknesses or they're real weaknesses not enough playmakers on offense. They went out and got some not enough offensive lineman or depth. They went out and got some no good linebacker play. They went out and drafted one. Need another corner and another. Db they address that so hopefully they made the right choices with these players but they They recognized what they needed they. And that's what's gonna be fun to see. What diani brand looks. Curtis samuel right. They did do that. I mean had to check with it. They managed to Check everything off. The question is the judging of the talent right. Because this time of year. And i i love when i run into somebody in there like so. How great is jane. Davis gonna be. Well i don't have any idea. I mean he was picked in the first round and obviously they like him and they have a need and the good thing about this particular player is he fills a need. So you're going to know a lot about james and davis and what they think of early because if he's not out there a lot well it's a big disappointment because there was a need for him if he is out there lot part of it could be need but part of it could be because they really like them and then we'll judge them based on the games he place you know but it's really hard with young players to really know like it's not out of the realm that a lot of the discussion around players like diaw brown james davis and sam cosmi and and ben saint juiced that not jane davis and probably not yami brown but somebody may end up getting cut that you were let like who was the guy last year and he wasn't Randy mosses son now. He was drafted thought. That is a lot of people in our fan base had him as a potential rookie of the year candidate in august or in july or in april so the way these things play out is not always what you expect. That's why like taking guesses. I think khaliq hudson year two is a real name to watch and i. I really believe that if you sort of connect the dots his his snaps at the end of last year to some of the things that have been said about him. They really think he is a find you know. Just like cam curl was find I think they really feel that way about him So we'll see. I mean i could be. I could be wrong Anyway what else Let's get to our nba wizards Guesses and i'll give you a couple of players in the draft that i really like That's next right. After these words from a few of our sponsors sports or more than stats and scores there about people and stories. The lead is a daily sports. Podcast from one dri and the athletic it dives into the biggest sports stories of the day as told by one of the athletics reporters who is covering that story up close for the next few weeks. The lead is turning. Its attention to the race for gold in japan. They'll be covering stories like this seventeen year old. Who broke a you sane bolt record also at the games who is and who isn't a woman what life is like as a trans athlete. Every weekday the lead goes beyond last.

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