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Let's be honest, just because you're in a DH that works with the vice president. You may never really come in contact with them If you work in a big company. When's the last time you saw your GM, But it's the last time he knew your name. Wake up call. I mean, really mornings at five K f. I If I am sick forties Conway show George Noory is coming up next Georges on a big show tonight, Man. First couple hours. The numbers lady joins us to tell us a little bit about ourselves. And then later on in the show. We're going to do some dream interpretations on coast to coast. I'll be there, Man. Love the numbers, Lady when she on 1st 1st 2. Great. All right, I'll be there, but Got it. There goes George. Nor with the numbers, Lady. Like the numbers Lady fell about numbers. That lady That's something that my wife loves. Numbers, Lady. Numbers ladies on But George Noory, all right. This is the only one. He did that for this thing that stupid things down, love getting spending Beach ball again. I gotta call my guys. This is interesting we have this week is supposed to be like the coldest week. In literally like a decade, all throughout Southern California. Up in in snow summit in the mountain areas they got 20 inches of snow in snow Valley 20 inches of snow. In Snow Valley, adding another 10 to 13, maybe even 15 inches of manmade powder. So if you're looking to ski and you have tomorrow for Veterans Day slide up there about they're open. And I'm sure if they're not open yet they'll be open this weekend. Really a cool place? All right. For all you people in the look at me business, there's going to be an altar beaut opening up and target. I'm so so excited about there. You really Yes. So when you go to target, you can have your hair down there sure, Or is it just that they're going to sell their products from pole to there? I would love if they had their in store salon there. I've got my hair done there many times, but really, Is it expensive? It's you know, it's it's a salon, but it's not over the top and they have AH, tunnel you know, it's make alters like its own makeup in hair stores, So why not put it in the place while spending our time anyway? A target. I love how big it is, because when I go there with my wife or daughter, I don't feel like I'm just crammed into one corner. No huge. That is a great idea to whoever came up with like the It's like the target of Look at me. Right, Let's get into Ah Alta Beaut opening up in 100 targets this morning, the nation's largest beauty chain announced plans to place shops and more than 100 target stores in the middle of next year. Alter Beauty says that the stores will be next to targets Existing beauty sections..

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