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Why this question my wing of is doing great. It's growing and full of energy and youth. I think i'm the oldest guy in it. At this point. I used to be the youngster. And now i'm you know. I'm like the elder statesman at this point. But that's the way. I want it and of course then. We have the the libertarian world. That is desperate for approval. And i'm telling you if you are a heterodox if you have a heterodox perspective and you're desperate for approval that's a bad combination because something's gotta give their and it won't be the desperation for approval so that's a bad thing and we've had some libertarians. Who have not been as sound as you would think. Libertarians would be during lockdowns. So that's all bad but the silver lining of this is that it has awakened the sleeping giant. Which is all the normal libertarians around the country who are trying to read. Reclaim the word libertarian. So you're the godfather of libertarians. Kind of. I don't know that i'd use that term but let's just say i've been around a while all right. Well do we want to start with our superfan questions. Get some superfan questions. We yeah we let our fans know that the you were coming on and we got questions from some super fans so question number one. Who is ron paul. Are you kidding me the.

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