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Are harry aggie on his city attard by queen victoria with naringin merrily girl now he's marrying an american divorce ashley yes who's older than him but he's actually got to the sunnis flying helicopters he was yeah while this why respect for those yeah because i was too as she went into the military natha yeah exactly and they got their hands dirty little bit right i don't believe the fall again is hands dirty at all seventy without legal women correct naylor uglier hour the caviar on it you know i don't think he didn't have similar taviani nerves always looks like uh guy him him a him and david art it'd be garages from uh uh they do a lot it'll charity work the admiral jao golf resolves that had to go ira yeah a broad legal lease ecevit has differentiated pretreated through there right i don't know why david are a thinks he can be that way but anyway so this is that was the i'm thinking to myself azam being you know shikin there and like saying wh why is one whose body was cnn msnbc abc as a prince prince harry jahangir khan henry rose harry is engaged and engaged to their mr social law of an hour from from actor now how nagin something rather subpar i don't really know how you he of that all from a really a lot of these uh a hollywood types there the reason why the date newey's why the marry is to take up their visibility so it only helps her and her career and her name recognition to marry a guy who even just data even know why and she's paying a marrying because in a divorce who knows or get half the cash well look at grace kelly though yeah well he was in it for the longhaul grace kelly wanted this reserve and she what got killed in a uh yeah crash that hines she married to you was married to the prince of monaco paolo for until she died until until he pulled the brakes america that heard the models not like appraiser england right leg roy right there is like you know like the real royals yeah all these other prince nayef nobody knows that he will be able to saudi arabian princes and all.

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