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Thirty four situations like averaging only eight and a half yards per completion to be the lowest by any quarterback since the merger third and fourth a thirty yard line flaco out of the god pats the football throws a deep intercepted picked up in the guard that by szott davis up upside onto the twenty davis to the 25 that quite did a thirty davis cut her behind the forty by dante ward ahead sean davis waiting for that one his second pick of the year and a thirty three yard retured so ravens threat and also pushing and shoving at the end of the play at a flag in late at the end of the point of this as well past the change in possession looks like two maybe three flags down on that sidelined yagi ill advised parents thereby joe flack are we gotta move the field there was no reason phil de football really no way of fit in therefore completion our referee tonight is walt coleman there are still gathered right around the midfield stripe to break down what happened at the end of that play the davis interception getting the ball for the steelers with ten four to goal the first quarter walt coleman about the tell us what happened we're files although teams after the players are all words personal files number sixty six other returning tame personal file number ninety four the passing team openly saw first david decastar 0 for not david de castro rather ryan jensen of the ravens and tyson allahu allahu of the steelers offsetting penalties nothing changes steeler ball no score first quarter this is westwood once coverage of the national football league who can commend this is your time it.

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