Twitter, Thirty Seconds discussed on The Laravel Podcast - Episode 44: I Like The CranApple


Another thing is this trying to clean up the dependencies a bit elixirs a really tough one because you need a good number of dependencies to make it just perfect out of the box rights mud the more dependencies you have the longer it takes to install so it's always kind of awkward line you have to walk where it's like like somebody said on twitter the other day um you should have basically no dependencies at all other them sas and it's like leah you could do that but the reality is most people are doing way more than sas if i tell them installed these seven different things for new project to kind of defeats the purpose of how useful a lecture actually is so you that is a tough line because everything you take out of the dependency tree is it makes it faster to install but then it's more work as well all right so on that line i'm taking out a coffee script supports a lot more people used it a year ago or so when we launched it but i'm just getting the feeling that it's more difficult to justify it uh as a default at this point so that's gonna leave that gets rid of a dependency cuffy script will move to an extension so if you do use coffee script your good you have to pull in one extension is thirty seconds and you're back to how you're before another cool thing coming as i figured out a way to lacey load punched the dependencies so that means when you when you run gulf it's going to be like three times as fast as it was before actually can i ask about the is is that lazy loading a like a pre establish thing or two you're using or is that kind of some custom code your own if it's it's stupid basic it's calling a function so this is really my fault i should have thought of this but basically the way it works is when you set up your cult file it basically loads all of the tasks in every task declares its dependencies so even if you're not using a browser or fi it actually will do require browser or fai.

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