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Person who is watched it, but he saved by the Bell revival on Peacock has been renewed for a second season so they will get another season. It is funny how much we all talked about it A little one person? Yeah, and I had the peacock app thing. I don't have a watch it will you get another season of it one re boot that will not happen. You're wondering is the reboot of the suite life of Zack and Cody. I know this because Cole Sprouse, who's probably doing interviews for Riverdale, which premieres tonight, um, was asked about it. Reboot of the sweet life and said this mask all the time. I don't and I are gonna do a sweet life with him. I go. No, absolutely not. Absolutely not. Now you have to understand. This is a Anak ter, who is currently working. So he has no reason to go back. 15 years down the road when you can't get a commercial for gig for while why maybe he goes what we've thought about it. If the script is right, maybe interested. That's usually how it works. But as of right now, no sweet life reboot, which is gonna be on. So you kind of refreshing to hear about a show. That's not being rebooted. They're like, you know, we're not going there yet. We don't need you. It's like everything else is getting brought back. All right. TV lining forward today you got the inauguration. You're gonna see a lot of it today is that It's coming up in trends. They Wednesday so the inauguration will be on all the major networks today, and they will be prime time specials about the inauguration tonight on most networks. If you're trying to avoid the inauguration, you got new River Dale and Nancy drew over on the CW, new masked dancer and name that tune over on Fox and the Conners and call your Mother. That's the new show will be on ABC, starting at 10 O'clock, So you do have alternatives. And you got hockey and basketball the watch tonight as well. So if you don't want to watch the, um Inauguration. You do have options coming up next in E on the Z, who made the list of celebrities.

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