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Legacy series this morning talking about the legacy of black business ownership here in Chicago joined on the line by Clarence Walden. Who is a former editor with Jim magazine as well as more Gina Christian who is a form editor with ebony magazine. The book empire the house that job Johnson built. And it's funny because as I was doing research for this. I went and picked up the fortieth anniversary of black enterprises industrial B industrial one hundred and init- Clarence John H Johnson by two thousand twelve. Johnny johnson. Johnson publishing company had fallen to number thirty and Baldwin Richards foods was number twenty three and gone from the list with some of the prominent names like soft Shane and others. We had one particular oughta actually to black owned auto dealerships one was Sutton auto team in in and the other was occurred. Ac- auto group the advertising agency number four in the country. At that time was Burrell communications and number eight was coming ground. Good to see both of them are still there. Then we had before seaway Bank, a number thirteen Illinois federal savings Bank and number fifteen Highland community Bank. And of course with set managers. We had areo capital investments, which is still going strong as well as Luke. Capital markets, and it's just something there. Because when you look at the BT lists thirty to forty years before twenty twelve it was populated by just the a greater number of black owned businesses Clarence. Yeah. Yes. Indeed. Yes. Indeed. I remember that that issue came as a great surprise that. We would not number one. Really really hit me. Like, wow, what happened? But I do know that I just feel I then than whenever that was still we pull out of it. Whatever that was we would have pulled out of it in that that we did. I don't remember. That. Yes, maybe get answer that question. But it was a big shot. Then. Hey, mark. No, I was just going to say more Gena in terms of there is this brand new documentary that encourage everybody to see on t t w it's called boss. The black experience and business and premiered this past week on W, and the producer there who has done an exceptional job actually came out. And and brought to light some information here that I didn't know, and that was you probably knew this Gina that John H Johnson actually produced a film called the secret selling of the negro market. Yes. Yes. That that was something that was done because not only a pioneer and trailblazer in publishing, but also in business, he was credited with creating the black consumer because their time where in addition to people only believing that African Americans work contributors. The country. But also that there was this belief that we were not consumer and that we didn't purchase and on Wall Street. So he create a documentary because he wanted to show people, and it was also a pamphlet as well that hey, black people by and guess what our money is green too. And that is why he hit that documentary. Always a businessman about him was that he was a better business. Because that is how he was able to make it work. He aligned himself with a bit hide of the industry publishing everywhere. And that's how he was able to continue his impair into building. Because he was a businessman at heart. You go in. I also wanna give who does to Stanley no sin junior who is the producer and documentary filmmaker of the boss, and so once again, go to t t w and see if you can get it online to the phone lines right now going to begin with Mark calling from the west side around. Chicago speaks Chicago a question this morning. Yeah. I mean, Chris was this was news for me too. As a young boy in Jamaica reading ebony I you know, so it's it's reach was global. I mean to say that it didn't just inspire African Americans that did had a global global reach. You know with that said, I think that this is a warning and a cautionary tale stall of that. Hey, the world is changing technology is changing across the landscape, and we have to adjust. I mean, I read that. Yet. We're very slow to get in on the whole internet and moved to digitizing and moving to the internet as a means of communications. So I think that that might have had a huge impact on all of us. You know, our churches our businesses our careers. We have to look at. Hey, what's going on around us? And you know, what I'm doing making sense of what's going on around me. Yeah. And I think that's a question that is a cautionary tale for every single one of us. Indeed. In also invest in ourselves, you know, and and in spend where we live so vitally important. Hey, mark. I appreciate your call this morning. Thank you deed moving on right now to Frank calling from the west side. Also, you're running. Doing good good. Thank you. I'm okay. Happy Easter to you. Of of. Before the Mayflower. Yeah. Upgraded foes black thing that Denison Johnson. I think it was kind of a victim is also own demands not the factor tackle. On whole class. Advertising and promotion and the reach out to I league. Support this coming this. Same Johnson Johnson Becca, plenty of Johnson Johnson. No, no, no, no. That I wish the John sounds was big as John Doug about Johnson and Johnson. That's a privately held Goodman. That is worth billions of dollars. No, no. A lot of people may be today. This is not saying what's causing a back away from. I'm gonna tell you one thing, I think, and I want, you know, more Geena Gina to chime in here. I think that a lot and Clarence you too. I think a lot of people associated Johnson. Did not see Johnson products that that had like soft Shane and things. John Johnson products and afro sheen. You had Johnson products that also was headquartered right here in Chicago. And I think that many people mistake. Johnson product, John publishing company. Time in there. Evect away from it. Two people over the years. So backed away from it. No, I wouldn't go. Let's not be extreme, you know, in terms of how common terms of saying that it's killing. Yeah. Turned on your radio for me there to hang on Lima, Gina, you know, did you find that to be the case during your research there that a lot of people kinda confused Johnson clocks with Johnson publishing? People did confused Iraq and products. Because at one point as I'm Johnny Johnson had an empire that it's reach what within more just publishing, but also in hair care products. He had a line called Rabian access for women trendy had Duke for me. I remember. Use the Duke product into this. I think when I was in one f for Duquet, you know, they're older normally. He utilized his employees as well. He he also I might add he he high and people who work very attractive. So you had a. You have a voice for radio. Offer that reason Denard well right now, okay. Making a black man blush, which is difficult. But. But no, no, no, no. He he did, you know, he he had a sense in terms of what he felt consumers wanted to see. And you know, I forget about that Clarence in terms of, you know, his reach would fashion fair because I don't know if Duke and revealed actually fell onto the fashion fair umbrella. Was different. Hair care products. Did you go? So these different companies within companies people got confused when he moved into care product, but fashion, fair medics, very different. He didn't have any hair care products. However, he he had fragrances and everything else care taking Claire she might remember this highest selling selling product at doing one point was pets, which was the bleaching cream. Oh, yeah. Understand why women. Janet, he thought that was so funny and and he was amused by. But it was really something that was like number one. In addition to the lipsticks. I remember specifically talking. In the foundations with the orange base. You know, something you have to have. Yeah. Bleaching cream? Incredible. You know, a said legacy there in terms of what people have colored try to do themselves instead of. The entire world right now. The number one selling products are tanning creams for people that have color. Are blessed with this protective coloring agent. Call men, you know, melody. Still trying to bleach themselves, but I digress. Moving to a first caller. And that is the trees calling from Chicago. Thanks for being the first time. Caller, you common question. This morning. I just want to share that. I the pleasure MRs John and the driver, and he was asked me VIP person. And I just want to say that one of the events. I would take them to at the Sheridan and unit mister Johnson unique Johnson. She says. You think? Car. Co the car if you want to and. Nonsense guy. He. When he is. You know, and I met a couple of the page F A SM business name is telling me that it's early. Oh, much about his people. You know, he did not pay the lunch. They ate lunch for free and that kind of stuff don't happen companies. And you just know that he was a good, man. And I really feel bad about you know, what's happening with them, and Linda and everything so I just wish him the best. And I just want to come to appreciate him because they really good. You know, the for us in Justice. I want to share this to work. Appreciate you being the first time call a mixture, it's not you less. Okay. Absolutely. Thank you, very well. Go ahead. Fans corrected because while we didn't eat for free. A Wapping one dollars. Yeah. I was going to. And let me tell you fade a whopping one dollar. And if you didn't watch self an exercise, I have a young metabolism at the time you were going to come out like two tons of fun. I said I was your side when I started here and that really bright me. So like, you said you had to they push up meaning push push it back away from the table because we weren't talking just little things were like going to a mortgage. Boy, you have to. The hot meal, and then you the it was the desert. It was just new afternoon for lunch. I'm talking about Colin grow and. And and I remember when I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Sammy Davis junior. And and he's you know, anytime that he would come in Clarence could, you know, vouch for this when he would come first thing that he would want was chitlins is like chitlins at. Literally make chitlins in the kitchen with Sammy Davis junior. We have a private luncheon with them. You know, he I am, you know, young twenty something and sitting down, you know, at lunch would Sammy Davis junior outta vis eaten chitlins. Clair's tell you this. But the late great Queen of soul. Read the Franklin also mentioned she wanted to come by. Right. Yeah. The only thing was afraid of elevators go of elevated. So we couldn't downstairs to the lobby because. Walked into the lobby to be treated, the great Johnson publising up. And all of a sudden you walk it smelt chitlins. I don't think that will work. But you know, it I'm glad that we're able to you know, to bring levity to this very depressing topic because today is eastern it's all about resurrection. And and I have to call on the line. I want them to be patient mainly because I want them to comment on the next segment that we're going to be doing. So that's the reason why that going, but the reason why say that is that it's important for us to realize the vibrancy that is should Kogyo. You know, a know that Clarence and transplants, we truly truly love this city, and I just love the city's contribution to the world, especially in terms of black business, Clarence absolutely. Absolutely. And and again is got with Johnson. Evanston jet will be here in spirit to ever..

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