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It's like when people were getting mad about Matt Hardy Magic the other day that thirty seconds on the show you can't you cannot describe the entire show. You can't describe the entire star wars series and just a jar jar binks Job Force. That poor gung in has suffered enough. Georgia has talked alligator hook into the theater jar jar. Binks all all watch rogue one rogue one again Because bully is often very right and that That's a real thing so I will watch rogue one again. There was a lot about it. Those really good My wife is one of the only ones she enjoyed Rogue one so now you've got me cited to watch rogue one so I'm probably we should we should do. We should meet you in the Greco should have to watch rogue one together and do it like mystery science theater three thousand or whatever that was and just constantly comment on it look record will WanNa hang himself because like while you were talking. He was like so not into the conversation. Because he's a star Trek. Why Not a Star Wars Guy? And that's what I don't understand Look Look Greco is is i. I am a big time trekkie. I talked about first. Contact Day the other day. I have a group chat with Tony Shabani and another important Tony in the Awa world about Star Trek Star Trek is a is a huge part of my life. I just I just listen. I just talked about the card finale. where I would like things to go. We talked about our favorite series. But there don't be one of these that you gotta be on one side of the Aisle. You don't have to be on one side of the island any form of entertainment. You can like Star Wars and you can like star Trek and this display. You have for star. Wars is one of the few things that indicates to me that. You're not an intelligent person. I I WANNA believe the senior face. A senior social media. I have these wonderful parks with you. I WanNa believe that you aren't intelligent person. But if you haven't seen star wars in this day and age of ask can you even have a conversation with somebody last ten minutes? I haven't talked so I haven't had a conversation about it because you haven't been included in your conversation. Just don't like you including the conversation about from car. But I digress and by the way the last interview here busted open found a way to keep them out of the venue. You finally found a way to keep the League record heads out. How did I find a way? The corona endemic to keep out. How is there any? I did not keep the look. Eds are more than welcome because you watch that one man to Laurie. Did you watch any more after that? It's you know it's all I got a lot of wrestling to watch you. Yeah you and I I understand you. Have you have heavy tasks but but man like it? I'll tell you the truth okay. There's a guy works works for me and I specifically say he works for me. 'cause he is one of my team members and he is directly Not He works alongside me directly and he's my responsibility and he told me he had not seen star wars. I made him watch every star wars before we had another conversation that took over five days and is somebody who works with me directly because I told them flat out that just means you're uncultured back in the day you could say oh. I didn't star wars and that was like back in the nineties eighties. Jocks and preppy were very kind of archetypes in our society. Modern Day nerd culture runs through the world. You really gotta get on board McGregor. You really got on on board. It will only better your life. I Saw Star Wars sixteen times when it came out. Don't forget I'm forty eight years old. I Saw Star Wars Sixteen Times the summer that it came out so I know all about Star Wars. I Love Star Wars. I Love Empire. Strikes back. Return to Jeddah was okay. It's it's the movies that foul. It was not a big Fan. Jed I was it was okay. I can't even believe coney still on the line and honestly it's that right. There is the most class thing you've ever ever said. Return of the Jedi is the full coming of age of Luke as a Jetta in the scene when he is captured by the storm. Troopers and Darth. Vader is standing behind him and ignites that Green Sabre and has he could have ended him in that moment but the father son bond and the fact that Anikin was under there is one of the best scenes in all of cinema. And for you to say that is. I don't want to curse I've been told in MS New executive role I gotTA cursing But man it just through. That's a pool. That's very cody. I'll play your fine. I will pay the fine for you. I will shell out the money to Tony Kahn. Not that he needs it curse Berry Greco. Please do it. It's just it's it's just really it's just simple here. Look if you're if you're if you're gonNA come across and say that return of the jet I what did she say who said it was okay. I said it was good. Yeah and star. I don't think it was as good as the first movies. Those okay that means that means that you are just a grade a sweat hog piece of shit us you can you.

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