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In that relatives of some of those who died about died on flight three seventy tell cbs news they will not be convinced until the plane is found the father of an ohio teenager who died despite it calling nine one one while trapped inside a mini van has some tough questions for police officials in cincinnati at a city council hearing mayor john cranley promised ron plush that he'll get written answers to his every question cranley apologized and said the city failed in its response to sixteen year old kyle flushes nine one one calls ron ron ron plush found his son's body about six hours after his first nine one one call a coroner says kyle died eva's fixation it's suspected the cars foldaway rear seat flipped over in pin kyle as he reached for his tennis gear a salmonella outbreak sickens dozens across nine states the culprit according to the centers for disease control eggs from a rose acre farms plant in north carolina the fda says the plant had a number of sanitary problems as we hear from cbs's anna werner company says that it not only has corrected those issues but has gone further working on new training and a new management position you know somebody who will oversee compliance thirty five people have gotten sick eleven have been hospitalized a dramatic scene in southern california where strong winds lifted a bouncy house from its stakes it onto a freeway there's a nine year old child hung on for dear life the airborne house hit a vehicle on the highway before landing in the middle.

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